What are the Top Five Reasons to Use an Employment Agency?

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Making the Right Decision for Your Unique Human Resource Needs

When your company is trying to make the right decision about whether to use a staffing agency, you need solid reasoning behind it. Some businesses decide to outsource the entire process, while others choose specific services to support existing staff. The direction they take depends on their unique circumstances. Either way, Colorado Network Staffing shares some of the most common problems businesses face in recruitment and the solutions employment agencies can provide. Here are the top five reasons clients come to us.

1. Saving Time and Money on Hiring Processes

If you need a quick way to fill roles without wasting money on additional staff to handle the paperwork, evaluate resumes, conduct interviews, and commit to a decision, an employment agency streamlines the entire recruitment process — from screening to candidate selection — for you. Sometimes you can justify spending the extra time and money when hiring for full-time positions, but it can overwhelm your staff when attempting to fill short-term roles. Maybe you only need access to specialized skills to complete a project. Employment agencies set expectations with candidates from the start about full-time careers or temporary needs. They guide long-term employees to achieve company goals and move short-term contractors to other companies and roles when ready. It’s an efficient solution.

Staffing agencies also let you “try out” your prospective employees before hiring them to determine if they are the right fit. Employees start with a temporary contract or project prior to a permanent hire. There is no need to worry about being locked into a long term relationship after suddenly realizing their personality or skills don’t align with your team. Your staff won’t have to deal with firing and urgent rehiring to fill the role since other candidates have already been interviewed and vetted to be next in line should a contract fails to meet your expectations. You’ll avoid financial headaches and disruptions to your workflow and business environment.

2. Running a Small Business or Lean Operation 

Business owners may not want the responsibility of having an entire Human Resources department, but their staff still need access to a full suite of HR support. Employment firms are always recruiting, posting jobs, and lining up candidates to fill roles from a vast talent pool. It’s not possible for a small in-house team to post for positions in advance without knowing the company’s actual needs. It takes access to a large quantity of candidate information to find the right employee, different groups of workers for long- and short-term projects, and those interested in contracting versus a career track at your company. An outsourced employment agency and Human Resource provider has the tools you need when in-house HR staffing doesn’t suit your current business model.

3. Improving Management Controls 

A trusted employment agency that understands your staffing needs can improve recruiting and other related processes that help to grow your business. At Colorado Network Staffing, this comes in the form of management controls with customized services and support systems for your team, such as:

  • Cost and Schedule Systems
  • Project Integration and Coordination
  • Independent Cost Reviews
  • Oversight Support
  • Program Management Action Tracking
  • Management Information Reports

As you develop a relationship with your employment agency, they should focus on specific services that fill gaps in current processes and provide valuable insight for better employee and candidate experiences. When recruitment, payroll, HR management, and project management are taken off your plate, you’ll have more time to devote to your company’s continued successful operations.

4. Filling the Need for Experienced Trainers 

When a company has a need for on-the-job training, hiring experts is not always cost-effective due to multiple factors. Hiring a temporary professional from a staffing agency gives you the benefits of their knowledge for a more reasonable price. They can even train one of your current staff members to instruct employees at a fraction of the cost. It’s possible to solve both short and long term solutions quickly.

5. Adding Administrative Support to Track Recruiting Costs 

Business owners may have trouble keeping track of recruiting costs across different accounting statements. Our administrative support categorizes contract labor and directly attributes it to individual roles and projects. That way, you can understand the costs of hiring processes and capitalize on them. You’ll have a breakdown to see how full-time employees effectively use their time and understand the actual hours your contractors spend on each project. The following are a few administrative support services by category:

  • Financial Support
  • IT Support
  • Engineering Support (Designers and Drafters)
  • Real Estate Specialists
  • Contracting Specialists
  • Construction Project Managers
  • Interior Designers

Your employment agency should have extensive knowledge of Human Resources needs for different companies, industries, and employers to understand which administrative support services will create the most benefits for your business. Read our blog to learn more about how employment agencies work and how to choose the right one for your business in other articles.

Evaluating Reasons for Employment Agency Needs with CNS

Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) matches companies with qualified and talented individuals to develop effective HR teams and acts as an outsourced human resource provider to reduce costs, streamline recruiting processes, train your staff, and add administrative and management support as needed. As a leading staffing and employment agency, we have the expertise to help you make an educated decision about the types of HR services that will work best for you.

Contact us or call us at 303-430-1441 to fill job vacancies in trades, utilities, education, engineering, transportation, IT, and more. Learn how CNS finds candidates to fill temp, temp to permanent, and direct hire positions, along with a suite of services to meet or exceed your business goals. At CNS, we strive to benefit both employers and job seekers through high-quality HR, administrative, and management services.

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