How to Choose a Good Staffing Agency

If you have never used a staffing agency in your job search, there are a few things you should know to help it be successful. If you have used one in the past and didn’t like the experience, it’s possible you didn’t know what to look for and partnered with a company that wasn’t right for you. 

Either way, choosing a good staffing agency is an important and helpful part of finding your next great employment opportunity. 

Know Your Goals 

Choosing the right staffing agency starts with knowing your goals. What industry or profession are you looking to work in? This could be your current profession you’d like to continue, or it could be that you are looking for opportunities in another field. Make sure the agency you partner with serves the industry you are looking for employment in. 

Are you looking for temporary or contract positions or are you looking for a permanent position? Temporary work can help you enter a new career field by building relevant work experience. Permanent positions found through a staffing agency are often not available to public job boards. This allows you a chance to interview as a top pick, rather than just another resume in a stack on a hiring manager’s desk. 

Talk to an Agency Representative 

Just like a job interview, you will want to talk to an agency representative directly. Submitting an online form isn’t likely to be as supportive in your career search as having a conversation with the staffing agency about your goals, skills, and interests.  

The ultimate goal of a good staffing agency is to offer the best candidates for a job vacancy to the employer. The agency wants to limit their time searching and that is why they use the staffing agency. In turn, the employment company gets paid when the employer hires you. They also don’t want to waste their time, therefore are trying to be the very best matchmakers they can be.

A bot or form simply can’t provide this level of service. Ask the agency how their process works – it should be more than submitting your resume blindly to a number of companies – you could do that without them. 

Who is CNS? 

CNS (Colorado Network Staffing) works with a variety of clients in a wide array of positions in 17 different states. We fill job vacancies for our commercial and government employers including, but not limited to, those in trades, utilities, education, engineering, transportation, IT, and more. Offering temp, temp to permanent, and direct hire positions, it is our goal to match job seekers with employers to create solutions that meet or exceed goals for both parties.  

Learn more about us and let us help you be matched with our employers looking for the best and brightest team. Contact us today at 303-430-1441 to get started in your new career faster.

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