CNS Candidate Success Story: George Smith

CNS Candidate Success Story: George Smith

George worked with Colorado Network Staffing to transition from retail management to human resources

It’s no secret that Colorado Network Staffing cares about its candidates’ job placement success. In fact, we won the Clearly Rated 2022 Best of Staffing Talent Award for our high levels of candidate satisfaction and positive reviews. 

The awards and reviews say a lot, but they don’t tell the full story of any one candidate’s career journey with Colorado Network Staffing. So we’ve put together a success story from a recent job candidate, to give prospective candidates a fuller idea of what it’s like to work with CNS.

Name: George Smith

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Professional Field: Retail General Management and Human Resources

CNS: How did you find out about Colorado Network Staffing? What made you decide, as a job seeker, to work with us?

GS: I found out about CNS as I was searching diligently for my next career through job boards online. What attracted me to CNS was the ability to work with an agency that really listened to and understood my needs in regard to pursuing my next career. In addition, CNS was able to take all of my experiences and provide me with an opportunity that was different from my traditional career direction.  

CNS: What kind of employment position or role were you looking for? Did you have any specific goals as you entered the process?

GS: After being in Retail General Management for 17 years, I was ready for a position that had more flexibility and was office-setting driven. Something even with a work-from-home or hybrid option.  My preference was a career in Human Resources or a related field.  However, with my knowledge in different field areas I was open to different options. 

CNS: Had you worked with CNS or any other staffing agencies before? 

GS: This is actually my first experience working with a Staffing Agency. So far it has been great. 

CNS: What surprised you about the process of working with a staffing agency?

GS: The one thing that did surprise me in regards to working for CNS was that CNS takes a lot of pride in seeing their candidates be successful. Traditionally one would think that a staffing agency would just be concerned with filling roles. However, CNS seems to be even more personal with making sure their employees are happy and achieving success.  

CNS: Describe the process of working with us. How long did it take? Who were you in contact with? What were the steps?

GS: The process of working for CNS was pretty straightforward. You apply for a position that you are interested in and if CNS feels you are potentially a good fit, they will reach out and schedule an interview. My process took approximately two to three weeks, give or take. I did a preliminary interview with Mindy, a staff coordinator, and then a virtual interview with Mindy and Tony, an account manager. Once this was completed, I did a panel interview with the organization CNS was hiring for.

CNS: What did you appreciate the most about our services?

GS: What I appreciate most about CNS is its dedication to making sure you are happy in your role. They want you to be successful.  And part of that success is being happy with what you are doing.  In my experience, CNS is always willing to find you that “best fit” position including internal positions within their organization.  

CNS: Would you recommend CNS to other jobseekers?

GS: I would recommend CNS to others. Especially, if you are looking for a change in career direction or just want to explore a different opportunity. 

Ready to Make Moves in YOUR Career?

If you’re like George and you’re looking to transfer your professional skills from one field to another, CNS is here to help you navigate your options. We’ll help guide you through resume tips, interview tips, and more. Forget the faceless online job boards and come work with our team of staffing professionals today! 

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