Five Kinds of Human Resource Jobs – What is Your Best Fit?

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From Entry Level to Management, Get to Know Your Opportunities in the Field of Human Resources

The last few years has seen a significant shift in the economy and labor force. The importance of Human Resources roles within organizations has increased as employees look for guidance to navigate changing environments at work. The C-suite relies on HR personnel to continually provide more solutions to help their workforce adapt. This may bring more opportunities for lucrative HR careers in the future.

You can help companies continue to provide workers with ways to increase skills and capabilities as technologies evolve, hybrid work models become the norm, and new roles emerge. Today’s HR management teams must go beyond creating and implementing programs that address employee concerns about payroll, benefits, policies, and paperwork to contribute to strategic company management and development. Employees need to fit into the company culture, which means finding ways to keep them engaged and motivated, and guiding their careers.

HR Management Roles

Human Resources understands that employee engagement and productivity is tied to business profit, which is why they focus on three main areas for adapting processes designed to maximize human potential:

Administrative –  hiring, filling employment vacancies, on-boarding, and recruitment activities like creating job policies and descriptions, performance reviews, and payroll and compensation across an entire organization.

Change management – ensuring each employee understands the mission, vision, and company objectives and can visualize their role, improve skills, and navigate changing processes.

People management – gathering and analyzing feedback to keep ahead of conflicts, provide solutions, and match employee roles with career paths for new opportunities and advancement.

HR Managers and Directors are paid an average of $93,000 annually to oversee whole Human Resource operations departments. They make high-level decisions with executives to meet goals and achievements set by a company, or international employment policies and operations for global organizations. Some managers specialize in areas like Training and Development, Labor Relations, or Compensation and Benefits, with average salaries ranging from $56,000 to $101,000.

Finding the Best HR Opportunities

There are great paying jobs and a variety of responsibilities within Human Resources departments. The best options come with years of experience and advancement, but entry-level positions can have high earning potential. Certain roles are a better fit for people with at least a bachelor’s degree. When putting a resume together, keywords help to spotlight your assets as a job seeker, professional experience and skills, including:

  • Active listening
  • Budget and proposal writing
  • Corporate communications
  • Data-backed decision making
  • Employee training activities
  • Strategic thinking
  • Strong verbal and written communication

Five HR Roles that Report to HR Management

There are many HR roles so let’s talk about five of the most common titles:

HR Administrative Assistants make about $37,500 per year providing orientation packages for new hires, reviewing company policies, collecting withholding and other payroll information, explaining benefit programs, obtaining signatures for documents, maintaining employees records, and updating HR databases.

HR Strategists make an average annual salary of $54,900 to focus on improving staffing, benefits, resources, and processes involving employees of an organization. They create strategic plans and make decisions regarding HR using proper research and data.

Human Resources Consultants average $69,300 annually to work with HR managers and business executives to identify areas of improvement and reach specific goals regarding company culture and fitting the right talent for certain positions.

Human Resources Data Technicians or Analysts make about $70,700 per year to collect and interpret quantitative data that supports HR decisions for an organization. They research salary, performance goals, and employee volume.

Executive Recruiters make an average annual salary of $71,300 to find and hire people for high-level executive positions. They usually specialize in C-suite hiring and may work for one company.

Finding the Right Fit in HR Jobs in Denver

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