Weighing the Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite level is powerful and dynamic but time-consuming and expensive. 

If you work in the field of staffing, hiring, HR, or recruitment, then you’ve probably dealt with LinkedIn on a very regular basis. You likely have a love-hate relationship with its free level and its various premium levels designed for job seekers, B2B marketers, and recruiters. What level is right for your business recruitment needs?

Maybe you’ve already upgraded your account to Recruiter Lite and you’re wondering whether to continue investing in it. Maybe you’re debating whether or not to try out the premium Recruiter Lite level for the first time. Either way, the professionals at Colorado Network Staffing are here to help you weigh the pros and cons of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. 

The Perks of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Search and target candidates more precisely

When you pay for the Recruiter Lite level of LinkedIn, you’ll have powerful search capabilities, enabling you to generate better leads with algorithm-driven features like “find more people like” and “smart filters”. 

Connect with candidates more directly

At the paid Recruiter Lite level, you’ll have the ability to access candidates directly through the LinkedIn InMail messaging system. Depending on the candidate’s notification settings, this could result in an email notification in their email inbox. That’s a powerful ‘ping’ to catch the attention of your most promising leads.

Reach an active and dynamic candidate pool

LinkedIn touts itself as the broadest and deepest candidate pool in the world, with over 830 million LinkedIn members and 58 million companies in more than 200 countries and territories. According to a recent study, 95 Job Applications are submitted through LinkedIn per second, and 3 people are hired every minute. The platform has truly reached the “network effect” of large scale.

The Downsides of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Costs for LinkedIn Recruiter Lite access are high

Made for medium to large enterprises that are scaling their staffs rapidly, the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite price tier starts at $199/month (or $169.95/month when billed annually. The corporate plan weighs in at $825/month. With a minimum price of $2,040 per year, that’s a hefty price tag for smaller businesses with less constant recruitment needs. 

Using LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is a manual process

Even with all the “smart” and “automation” functionality of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, it still requires a professional recruiter to know how to drive it and take the time to get results. Like all social media platforms, the more the recruiter engages and invests as far as time, the better the mileage they will get. Furthermore, recruiters need to develop platform-specific skills and use LinkedIn effectively in order to get a full return on the subscription cost. 

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is only a partial recruitment solution

Finally, the biggest downside to LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is that the platform is limited in the scope of the total recruitment process it can cover. While it can facilitate hyper-targeted searches and direct outreach to qualified candidates, much is left to be done. An in-house recruiting department will still need tools for follow-up, background checks and screening, interviewing, negotiating compensation, hiring, human resources support, and more. 

If the full recruitment process is overwhelming for businesses to handle in-house, it may be time to consider outsourcing it to a recruitment agency or staffing agency like Colorado Network Staffing. When you hire a recruitment agency, chances are high that they’ll have premium tools like LinkedIn Recruiter at their disposal, saving you the need for a subscription. 

To find out more about comprehensive recruitment and staffing solutions for your business, get in touch with the pros at Colorado Network Staffing today!

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