Resume Tips

Build a resume that will impress in today’s job market

A resume is your ticket to be considered for the position prior to the phone screen and interview. Resume trends change regularly which is even more so the case for 2021. You must adapt to these trends and adjust your resume to fit today’s recruiting process and job climate as to not get passed over for the opportunity for an interview.

Before You Begin

Facelift – Give your resume a redesign by updating the layout. Find an in-trend or modern resume template that offers an appealing viewing experience. Make sure it is ATS compatible.

It’s all about the ATS – Choose a resume layout that is compatible with Application Tracking Systems. Use formatting that is easy for an ATS and tailor your resume to the job description.

Ditch outdated phrases – Not updating the language of your resume can appear as if you’re not knowledgeable of the current market or your industry. Replace with phrases and similar language that you see in the job posting.

Show the % and $ – Show growth and accomplishments by adding numerical measurable results. It is a competitive market and demonstrating profit growth or an increase in retention will give you an edge up.

Tips to Make Your Resume Impactful

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Eye Catching

The goal is to catch the eye of a recruiter or employer. You have 6-7 seconds to do so in order to get the interview. With only split seconds, it is crucial for you to communicate your abilities fast.

Summary - Turn your objective into a summary. Quickly show your value to a recruiter or employer with a brief overview of your skills and experiences.

Ready, Set, Action - Get rid of the passive voice and energize your resume. The recruiter will be engaged with your resume when you use action words like amplified or spearheaded.

Easy to View - Ditch the long blocky paragraphs that are overwhelming to the eye. Use just the right amount of bullet points to convey why you’d be a perfect fit for the job and condense where you can.

Overcoming Obstacles

Remote Work - Do you have experience with the tools that are used in the remote work world such as Google Docs, Trello, Asana, and Slack. Highlight these valuable and relevant skills.

Pandemic Efforts - Did you remain employed through the pandemic? What part did you play in your company staying in business? Did you develop new skills or learn new tools? Emphasizing your resilience and achievements during the COVID-19 pandemic will make your work ethic stand out.

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