Job Interview Tips

With the climate of interviews changing yearly, especially in 2021 with phone and video becoming more prominent than in-person interviews, it is more important than ever to be strategical and effective in preparing for your interview to ensure you make that impactful (virtual) first impression.

These three factors will determine if you make an impactful impression:
Analyze – Examine the job description
Pitch – Prepare to sell your qualifications
Narrative – Share impressive stories
Analyze The Job Description
Who we are and how we help.

Break down the job description into its parts. Deep dive and thoroughly read and understand the job requirements. This is the first, vital, step in preparing for a job interview. Once you are versed in what the position is asking for you can then communicate just how you can fulfill these needs. Take the time to reflect on your past experiences and how they align with the job posting requirements. Make sure to take note of the achievements you had with these particular tasks.

The Elevator Pitch

Think of your interview as a blockbuster movie, this is your movie trailer. This is your opportunity to give a preview to and set the tone for your interview. An elevator pitch should be 60-90 seconds, keep it concise, powerful and enticing. Practice your pitch to determine it will come across the way you intend and that your message will be clear to the interviewer. Do you need to make improvements? A few items to highlight would be why you want to work for the company, what attracted you to the position, and why would you be the perfect fit!

START Stories
Who we are and how we help.

The START interview preparation method but with a critical addition. These stories better yet real-life examples will ensure your impression is a long lasting and impactful one. The key to these stories is to emphasize your value as the best candidate for the position and the company.

Situation (S), describe the situation AKA the problem. Task (T), what is your role in the situation. Action (A) what was the action you took, your solution to the problem. Result (R), here’s the why, the result you received by identifying and problem and implementing a solution. Tie (T) conclude the story by drawing the connection to the position you are interviewing for. The importantance here is to explain how your story relates to the position and company.


Make sure to prepare your questions for your interviewer. The interview isn’t just about the company determining if you’d be a good fit but also you determining whether they would be a good fit.

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