How to Hire a Recruitment Agency

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Tips for Employers

Learn About Recruitment Agencies and What They Can Do for You

A recruitment agency, also known as a staffing agency, recruits employees for businesses that are seeking to fill open positions. There are many reasons why companies prefer to outsource the hiring process by using recruitment agencies, and most have to do with the amount of experience and knowledge that recruiters have in the area. 

A good recruiting agency will handle most tasks in the hiring process on your behalf. This can include posting job advertisements, identifying and screening qualified candidates, and checking their qualifications and references. They will also serve as an invaluable resource during the hiring process, ensuring that you find someone inline with your specific needs. 

Advice for Employers Looking to Hire a Recruitment Agency

Staffing agencies assume responsibility over the hiring process so you can focus on the work at hand. Below are some helpful tips to ensure you are getting the most out of working with them:

Find an Agency That Fits Your Needs

Some recruitment agencies are focused on recruiting for a specific job sector, while others are experienced in hiring for a wide range of specialty positions. It is important to consider which agency has the most experience hiring for the sector your company is in. You can determine this by browsing the most recently listed job openings on their site. A technology company will have a much easier time working with an agency that focuses on specifically hiring for roles in the tech industry than a general staffing firm. 

Learn About Their Hiring Process

Staffing agencies differ from HR when it comes to their hiring process. A recruiter might screen a dozen candidates before carefully narrowing down the pool of applicants to just a couple. During this process, many staffing firms will check references, certify qualifications, and get to know the candidate on a personal level. However, some staffing firms may cut corners in one or more areas, and knowing what their process entails could save you a lot of time in the long run. 

Be Clear and Honest About What You’re Looking For

Recruiters, as much as we’d like them to be, aren’t mind readers. By clearly and honestly conveying to them what you’re looking for in a candidate, the better their chances of finding it are. Make a checklist of the skills, certifications, and level of experience required for the role you’re hiring for and make it known upfront so there is no confusion down the road.

Keep the Communication Lines Open

It is important to remain available to your staffing agency throughout the process. Having a reliable point of contact will ensure you are always on the same page and they will serve as a good resource for the questions that can arise during the long hiring process. Whether it’s asking them about what the best salary negotiation techniques are to how to handle candidate ghosting, they are your best resource because they’ve been through this countless times. 

Trust the Process

Just because you can’t see their work doesn’t mean it’s not there. Recruitment agencies are doing a lot behind the scenes and they aren’t typically going to find you someone perfect for the role overnight. Finding the right person takes time and effort, and rushing the process will result in under-qualified candidates, bad culture fits, and wasted time. However if you aren’t seeing any benefits from your recruitment process within a few months, it might be wise to look into other options. 

Work With a Recruitment Agency Near You

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