6 Common Ways to Fill an Employment Vacancy

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When new job vacancies arise, companies often faces challenges with filling those slots. The process of hiring can be overwhelming and tiring, and yet it is a normal, expected and regular situation for business. Turn-over is costly financially. It all adds up — placing ads, time spent sorting through applicants, hiring, on-boarding and training. That’s why finding efficient and cost effective ways to fill vacancies are critical.

The most common strategies to fill an employment vacancy include:

Job Advertisements. Job advertisements require the right words and right placement to be discovered by the right candidates. Sometimes this method feels a bit like needing to win the lottery. For example, staffing agencies in Denver place multiple job advertisements and know the wording and placement tricks to sift out the right candidates. Individually, you may not have the skills to ‘work the system’ the ways professional employment agencies do. If not, you might consider hiring them.

Word of Mouth. Word of mouth relies on the current staff to spread the word about employment opportunities. This may limit top talent from responding to the position. Staffing agencies have access to both active and “passive” job seekers — those already employed who are looking for new opportunities. Because of this, they can provide better qualified candidates to result in a high talent hire.

Internal Restructuring. To fill an employment vacancy, some companies will look to restructure current positions to cover the tasks of the former employee. This is a valid strategy, however a temporary employee can be used to fill the gap while the transition is made or to test the new position for feasibility.

Temporary Staffing. Temp or temp-to-hire staffing is a great solution to fill an employment vacancy. Temporary employees can fill a gap during hiring, or can be used to determine their cultural and skill set fit for the position, without the risk and high expense associated with a poor hire.

Outsourcing. Rather than replacing an employee, a company may choose to outsource the task by using a consultant, freelancer or service company. This is a method that works well when the position requires few hours or highly specialized service. For most positions, however, it makes more financial sense to rehire. Employment recruiters can seek out, find and attract specialized employees to fill employment needs.

Employment Agencies. Recruiting and staffing companies have the knowledge to place a great job ad, locate more talent, and fill temporary employment gaps. Regardless of the way you choose to fill an employment vacancy, an employment agency can support your efforts.

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