How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

If you have considered using a staffing agency in your job search, you may wonder how they work and how they can help you. It’s important to understand, so you have the right expectations and can best leverage them for your success. While each staffing agency may have some nuances, this article will help you understand the overall objective and how staffing agencies work.

Whether you’re looking for a seasonal position, looking to gain some skills, change industries, or get your foot in the door with a great company, a staffing agency can help, specifically Colorado Network Staffing.

Employer Relationships

Staffing agencies work by building relationships with organizations that are looking to fill employment vacancies. Sometimes they proactively seek out connections, and other times the employer contacts them to help them find staff. In either scenario, the staffing agency interviews the employer to understand their culture, available positions, and frequency of hiring.

Match Making

When the employer is ready to hire, the employment agency gathers the job details and requirements, including whether the position is temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire. From there, they help build job ads, search through their database of candidates, and work to find a perfect match for the employer.

Employee Recruitment

Staffing agencies will look through their database of job seekers to see if any meet the requirements, culture, and goals of the hiring organization. If they don’t have anyone or don’t know if it’s a solid enough match, they may also look at online job seeker resumes and contact them to ask them to apply.

Job Seeker Resources

The employment agency often provides some level of support for job seekers, including training or connections to training resources and general resume guidance. They will interview job candidates to determine their skills and goals.

By providing various employment options, staffing agencies offer job seekers easier access to new career fields. This allows candidates to build their relevant job skills with temp and temp-to-hire opportunities. When it comes to direct hire job openings, candidates often have access to positions that never make it to job boards because the employing company strictly uses their relationship with the employment firm.

HR Resources

The employment agency supports the employer by posting the job ad, recruiting and screening candidates, and doing other onboarding functions that save the employer time and headaches. When they match seekers with companies, the business pays the staffing agency for the match. The agency wants to provide good matches to strengthen the trust and relationship and allow for continued opportunities.

They often also handle benefits for any temp or temp-to-hire employees, which helps job seekers obtain benefits even if they work with several organizations over their time with the agency.

Working With CNS

Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) has extensive knowledge and experience working with government agencies and suppliers and a myriad of other employers and industries. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service to each company and individual we work with. Our specialists deliver competitive, impeccable service to our clients and, when required, connect our clients with vendors who share our vision. Give us a call to learn more.

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