Need to Beef Up Your Resume? Try This

For many people looking to change careers, a poorly written resume keeps doors closed and hiring agents uninspired if it even makes it into their hands. Many online platforms already sift through applications looking for keywords and relevant experience before human eyes get a chance to. Making your resume stand out can make a difference and land you your dream job.

If you are looking to change careers, here are some ideas to get the attention of HR.

Amplify Your Transferable Skills

HR Managers may be looking for transferable skills, but they also may need some help having them pointed out. For example, if a Starbucks barista is applying for an insurance agent position, they may want to highlight their strong customer service skills.

Customer service is a valuable soft skill that is transferable to any industry that includes people. Being able to talk to others to create win-win situations and happy customers, regardless of the industry, is valuable.

Look at both your hard and soft skills to see which ones are useful, helpful, and applicable to the jobs you are currently applying for. Consider what other positions you would be interested in and start building hard and soft skills that will open those doors.

Leverage a Part-Time or Temp Position

After you’ve looked at your relevant skills and know both your strengths and weaknesses, consider if a part-time or temporary job could help you beef up your resume with more valuable experience. Be intentional about your learning, training, and skill-building, and be sure to update your resume as soon as you develop the knowledge.

Temporary positions can also turn into permanent positions, giving you the opportunity to try the new career or company to determine if it’s a good fit. Even if a position isn’t immediately available, you can build the skills and apply for a permanent position in the future.


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