How to Make Your Resume Stand Out the Right Way

An impactful resume is key to finding work. It is the first impression a prospective employer will have and often determines whether or not you get the interview. 

Many of us don’t have someone in our lives to teach us how to write a resume. Instead, we try our best, research or even hire someone to do it for us. If you are in the research phase, trying to figure out the appropriate way to write a resume and stand out among a crowd of applicants, we want to offer you some tips to help. 

We will give you some ways to bring your unique self to your resume while maintaining proper form. Here are some of the best practices to make your resume pop without taking away from the professionalism.

Use Keywords

When applying to an ad (especially when they are online), use the same language and words found in the ad, if they apply to you. Stating your experience and skills in a similar manner and using the same terminology in your resume and application will help you get through the ATS (applicant tracking system), which is the software most companies use to screen applications and select the best fit for interviews.  

For example, if the ad says they want skills in Microsoft Office, state that you have that specifically, as well as mentioning the programs within, such as Outlook, Excel, Word, etc. Put the exact same words from the ad into the resume.

Again, only use their keywords if they’re truly in your wheelhouse. 

Research the Company

When applying somewhere new, knowledge of the company helps you be more memorable and sets you apart from your competitors. Knowing the company allows you to know their audience, which benefits you throughout the entire hiring process.

The type of company you apply for will determine the finer details of your resume. For example, applying for a job in a creative industry could include more color and more diverse fonts, whereas applying for a structured, methodical position should be more standard fonts and neutral colors. Use the company’s website as a guide as to how to approach them. If they seem traditional, focus on professionalism. If they seem colorful and upbeat, match that same energy.

Look for words they use, especially in their mission statements and values, and incorporate them into the resume (and interview).

Highlight Your Skills

Be your own biggest fan and include things in your resume that help capture you in a good light. Always include things done for previous employers, the results of those actions, and former responsibilities. 

Your resume is a time to showcase your attributes and how you will be a significant asset in a difficult job market. Be sure to mention volunteer skills, special training, and relevant personal development, outlining how these make you an ideal new employee.

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