Four Kinds of Technical Planner Jobs

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Learn About Different Types of Technical Planner Jobs. What’s Right for You? 

There are multiple types of jobs that require technical planning skills and each can be uniquely challenging as well as rewarding. Those who are considering a position in the field of technical planning must have a strong interest in geography, urban planning, and project management, as well as an understanding of government regulations and requirements. People in these roles will be working closely with engineers of different kinds.

The main difference in technical planning roles lies in the day-to-day functions of each role and the experience required to be successful. By learning more about the expectations of the various kinds of engineering-adjacent planning roles, you can narrow down which positions would best match you and your interests. It should be mentioned that military experience is desired for many of these positions, as well as the requirement for U.S. security clearance. 

GIS Planner

A GIS (Geographic Information Systems) planner is responsible for, you guessed it, the construction and maintenance of geographic information systems. GIS planners spend time researching, examining, and digitizing data, as well as collecting geospatial information. Once this data is collected, a GIS planner will create and develop graphic representations that will guide architects and engineers to construct plans.

This type of planner will often consult with other officials and planners to determine geospatial data needs, and share information with relevant jurisdictions. The skills that are most important to a career as a GIS planner are top-notch analytical skills, expert knowledge of GIS softwares, awareness of federal and state laws, codes and regulations, and excellent project management skills. If you have a strong interest in geography and urban planning, this role would be a rewarding and exciting fit. 

Military Facilities Planner

As a Military Facilities Planner, you will be expected to provide support to the facility program by planning and overseeing multiple small to large-scale military facilities, providing technical guidance of land use, structure planning, and condition assessment and evaluation. The role is best suited for those with experience identifying and administering Military construction plans and designs, with a strong background in urban planning. 

A Military Facilities Planner’s role is extremely important as they are responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of military facilities. A typical day in this role will involve taking part in managing land use planning, military installation community planning, and overseeing urban design project information while conducting frequent quality assurance inspections. Requirements for this role include U.S. security clearance, years of facility and infrastructure planning, and In-depth technical knowledge of network and systems architectures and technologies.

Infrastructure Planner

Those with top-notch technical skills will find a role as an Infrastructure Planner to be a good use of their training. An Infrastructure Planner participates in the development and implementation of long-term corporate strategic plans related to the management of engineering infrastructure systems. A strong background in technology and government security policy is necessary to be successful in this role as it involves providing necessary planning support for facility IT security requirements and information systems to comply with specific government agencies. 

The day-to-day scope of work you can expect in this role involves developing and updating system processes, managing and tracking equipment, and providing the necessary support to the city. A career as an Infrastructure Planner requires you to think analytically about the best way to use and develop urban resources. A background in the military is highly encouraged when applying for this type of role, as there are requirements for U.S. security clearance. 

Real Property Planner

A Real Property Planner is a position best suited for those with an interest in real estate and more specifically, government property management. The day-to-day expectations include maintaining the records and handling property oversight of certain military properties, all while providing support to government and military leadership. Organizational skills are crucial to this role as a large amount of time is spent maintaining important documents, ensuring that each aspect of the planning process is well-documented and efficient. 

To be successful in this role, candidates must be skilled at maintaining records, processing real property disposals and gains, as well as negotiating agreements, leases and permits. Real Property Planners are required to hold years of experience in real estate, land surveying, and facilities planning, and be eligible for U.S. security clearance. 

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