Five Kinds of Water Technician Jobs

Learning About the Water Tech Industry and Job Requirements

The water industry is one of the most important industries across the world. This job market provides clean drinking water, wastewater services, and maintenance and repair on water equipment. There is a greater need to fill water technician jobs in Colorado and the West in the next few years as climate change decreases water availability and the population continues to grow.

Water treatment companies offer many products and services, ranging from service providers to testing laboratories to water treatment equipment or product manufacturers. Choosing the best path to take within the water treatment industry will depend on your interests and strengths.

There are many types of water tech jobs to choose from, and many are offered at entry level with a high school diploma or GED and a minimum of one year of related experience. Recently, a new condition for working in the water industry is being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Certain water technology positions have a greater physical demand than others. Workers may need to climb, crawl, lift, carry, and move on uneven terrain. In general, most of these positions require standing and walking for long periods and working with your hands to meet job requirements. Turning this job into a long-term career path requires are an associate or bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, environmental science/engineering, or chemical engineering.

Five Sought After Water Technician Jobs 

With the variety of water tech jobs available, we’ve compiled the most common titles:

  1. Utility Technicians make about $20.25 an hour performing unskilled to semi-skilled duties related to the operation and maintenance of treatment plants, transmission and distribution, and source of supply. While on a job, they keep tools, trucks, and worksites clean.
  1. Water Treatment Technician or Service Technicians (ST) is an entry level position that averages an hourly rate of $21 or an annual salary of $43,000. It focuses on a variety of jobs necessary to the operation and maintenance of water treatment plants and surrounding structures. Responsibilities include process sampling to gauge and keep track of safe drinking water levels using techniques to provide an adequate supply of high-quality water to the public. Being an ST with a water treatment company often requires traveling around the company’s operational area. 
  1. Water Lab Technicians, also titled Water Quality Analysts, average $19 hourly to collect and perform quality control and compliance tests on raw and finished water samples, calculating and logging results, preparing chemicals, and maintaining equipment. The hourly income for these types of water tech jobs increases depending on the work scope and worker’s credentials.
  1. Water Distribution Technicians make roughly $21 hourly monitoring and controlling water system facilities and equipment to regulate raw water supply and treated water distribution. They maintain plant equipment and structures such as chemical feed/storage, piping, valves, basins, and reservoirs.
  2. Water Meter Technicians make $17 hourly, performing various tasks such as installation, repair maintenance, and reading of water meters. They also interact with commercial customers to ensure compliance with backflow prevention and proper maintenance.

Working in the Water Tech Industry lets you be a part of an evolving environmental service facing challenges to supply sustainable solutions for global industry, agriculture, and human water consumption. Begin with entry level and look for on-the-job training and other ways to advance. 

After five years as a technician and combined training, you can potentially obtain a Certified Water Technologist (CWT) designation. Eventually become a Water Treatment Specialist (WTS) with an average salary of $55,000 and an opportunity to make up to $100,000 depending on the company and region. As a specialist, you may draft reports and estimates to interpret and discuss the results of service visits with clients. 

Finding Water Technician Jobs in Denver

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