Staffing agencies vs temp agencies: What’s the difference?

We’ll help you discover which employment services are best for you

Whether you’re an employer or a jobseeker, it’s good to know you have options in the employment market. Going the direct route with a job posting can be very time-consuming on both sides, and doesn’t always lead to optimal results.

But what’s the alternative?

Using agency services can greatly improve the screening, hiring, and onboarding process for everyone involved. There are a number of agency services out there that all sound similar — temp agencies Denver, recruitment agencies, staffing agencies, employment agencies — so it can be confusing. We’ll help clarify.

Staffing agencies: the broad umbrella of employment services

If you’re searching for the broadest form of employment services, you’re looking for a staffing agency such as Colorado Network Solutions. Geared toward comprehensive solutions for both employers and job seekers, we fill many roles. Staffing agencies work in all the following ways:

  • We do it all. We work with the full range of position types, including temp, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire. more broad, will offer temp, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire
  • We build relationships with employers. We take time to understand an employer’s needs in the long run, and build trust by making consistently high-quality matches
  • We offer employee recruitment. By growing our own pool of qualified candidates, we can help match employers with top talent
  • We provide job seeker resources. We want our job seekers to succeed! We’ll work with them personally through every step of the process
  • We serve as an HR resource for employers. Outsource your HR hiring needs to us as a complement to your in-house team.

Temp agencies: a specific niche within the employment market

Colorado Network Solutions does work as a temp agency Denver in the sense that we do make matches for temporary and temp-to-hire positions. However, this isn’t all that we do. Some agencies decide to specialize in this niche. They only place temporary workers, oftentimes for seasonal positions, short-term roles, or roles with high turnover.

There are certain advantages to working with a specialized temp agency instead of (or in addition to) a full-fledged staffing agency. Temp agencies move fast and can get candidates placed quickly and expediently. They can fill employment gaps until a permanent solution is found. They’re perfect for highly seasonal employers such as landscaping and holiday retail. On the employee side of the picture, there are real benefits to working as a temp employee, such as income during a more long-term job search, gaining new skills and experiences, and making connections that could lead to long-term employment. It’s also a great way to “test the waters” before committing to a longer term position. 

Bottom line: Colorado Network Staffing works as a temp agency Denver, creating advantages for both employers and job seekers looking for short term or seasonal work. However, that’s not all we do. We also match temp-to-hire and direct-hire positions, and serve as an HR, administrative, and management resource. We’re a temp agency, but we’re also bigger and broader than that.

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