The Reasons to Consider A Temp Staffing Agency This Season

A main reason that some companies don’t use temps is because they do not understand the process, and because of that, misunderstand the value and cost. But using temporary employees may be exactly what you need. Let us dive into these reasons a bit deeper to help you understand why.

Understanding the Process

First, it is important to know that the temporary agency is working on your behalf as a recruiter. They will want to understand the position you are looking to fill and the type of candidate that will be the best fit. They may place ads on your behalf, and/or search job seeker boards for candidates with the skills you desire and contact them.

Second, when the staffing company finds a qualified candidate, they will screen them to determine if they are a good candidate for an interview. If they believe they are a good fit, they will pass their information on to you, saving you time and money that you, HR, or a manager would normally spend sorting through resumes.

In the case of a temporary worker, they may simply place a high-quality candidate to help you with contract work, seasonal, or short-term work. The staffing company maintains the candidate as an employee and is responsible for paying taxes, benefits, and more. This saves the employing company money, and potential unemployment cases, while also creating flexibility to meet the staffing need.

The Reasons to Consider Temps

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, using temporary staff may be a perfect solution:

Having peaks of high demand followed by lows. Changing demand is one of the most prominent reasons for using temporary employees. Whenever your peak season, allow a staffing agency to manage the recruiting and sorting so you can focus on business and meeting needs, rather than getting bogged down with paperwork.

Having certain job titles turning over more than once a year. Have a position that seems to be a revolving door? It could just be natural attrition, but you seem to always be hiring. This is not a problem when you use temporary workers. Hire specifically for a short contract before offering a longer position to help you screen employees and protect your benefits and high costs of turnover.

Not having the time to recruit, screen, and hire potential candidates. Let’s face it – we are all busy with our day-to-day work and adding in the extra stress and tasks of hiring means productivity drops. Use a staffing company to do the heavy lifting of screening and recruiting potential staff.

Needing to fill a position as soon as possible. Sometimes emergencies happen and a temporary employee can fill in a vacancy quickly to keep things moving forward during an employee absence that happens last minute.

Wanting to take more time to play the best candidate rather than just fill a vacancy. When an employee leaves, it sometimes creates a hole that allows for reflection on the position or the type of person best suited for the job. Nonetheless, the work must get done, so use a temp while you and the management team sort out the details.

In search of temp employees in Colorado?

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