Why Should a Company Use a Professional Temp Agency When Hiring

Looking for staff? It’s important to know your options for finding talent to determine the best strategy to fill the role with the right person, at a budget that meets your needs. Here are the top ways employers have found staff and some benefits of each.


Using a Professional Temp Agency to Find Employees


When you use a staffing agency, also known as a temp agency, they work for you to provide a number of services to support your hire. They place ads, search job boards, and screen candidates to provide you staffing. While hiring can take several weeks for a small business owner, a temp agency can get a candidate placed rather quickly. This person can either fill the employment hole until a permanent solution is found, or as a temp-to-hire, giving you an opportunity to see if the employee is a good fit.


If the placed staff isn’t right, culturally or skill based, the professional temp agency is your point of contact in having them replaced, without impacting your unemployment or you having to start the hiring process over from the beginning, wasting valuable time and money. Your managers have the ability to focus on their top tasks while the temp agency works to identify the best candidates and present them for final interviews.


With no costs spent on unemployment or benefits, you can implement new staff, or subtract staff as needed- a great benefit for short-term projects or seasonal demands.


Using Current Employees to Find More


Using your best employees to help you attract and recruit your next employee is based on the idea “birds of a feather flock together”. This strategy can include incentivizing current employees and needs to be part of your overall culture. Use a board in the office to post employment openings and/or send out an internal memo via email to allow employees to share it with potential candidates.


This strategy usually requires an ongoing practice and may not produce results for immediate needs like a temp agency can. It’s also important that Labor Laws are followed to prevent discrimination cases, which could be more prevalent if employees feel there is any favoritism over candidate selection.


Using the Internet to Find Candidates


Placing ads on job boards or on social media can create a long list of applicants, but for some employers, that’s exactly the problem. Sorting through hundreds of applications and resumes can add even more time demands on an already time-consuming process. Temp agencies know where to post ads to get the best candidates and also do the screening for you.


The internet, as well as university career centers and state job service sites such as unemployment sites are effective in finding candidates, but may be too robust for your managers to handle. Temp agencies are already combing sites for a number of their clients, actively sorting and qualifying candidates. The time and energy they spend can be taken advantage of by your company when you utilize a temp agency.


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