The Benefits of Temp to Hire Jobs

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From the Employer and Candidate Perspective

Temporary workers play an essential role in many businesses. It’s important to know the benefits, whether you’re a company trying to solve a hiring dilemma or a candidate deciding to take a short-term position. What you choose depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Temp to hire positions are a growing part of the US workforce. The American Staffing Association reports more than 3 million temporary and contract workers are employed by staffing companies and temp agencies every week, averaging 17 million each year. They work across many industries, including accounting and financial sectors, manufacturing, science and medicine, lawyers, and information technology. 

Temp to Hire Jobs, From a Business Perspective

To understand the benefits of temporary help for your organization, check out four top reasons for using this hiring strategy.

  1. Changing needs

If your business has fluctuating workloads, you can get qualified staff more quickly. If you struggle to cover other employee absences due to illness, vacation, or temporary leaves, your staffing agency has immediate access to applicants with the right skills and knowledge to fill the gaps. Temps can fill employee shortages when you have a time-sensitive project or seasonal peaks in your workflow. 

  1. Flexibility

Flexible work arrangements are rising, and business owners need to keep up with current trends. Having a mix of temporary and full-time employees can increase efficiency in the workplace and provide greater opportunities for the business and its employees. Temps and short-term contracts allow flexibility for employees with demanding schedules and other responsibilities. When a business can accommodate a better work-life balance, they see improved productivity, resulting in a better bottom line.

  1. Time to evaluate

Employing a temp or a short-term contract gives business owners time to assess their skills and see if they fit the company culture before offering a full-time position. It can be cost-efficient to recruit and test the applicants’ abilities before committing. And when successfully working with a freelance contractor, it’s possible to reach out to them anytime you need them. You can even hire a temp to maintain production levels while searching for a qualified full-time candidate. When a temp doesn’t work out, you simply hand it off to your staffing agency to take care of it and find a replacement. 

  1. Save time and money

In the short term, you save time and money by hiring a qualified temp quickly. In the long term, the staffing agency acts as the employer. They bear the costs of recruiting, screening, testing, training, payroll paperwork, benefits, taxes, unemployment, and workers’ compensation. When positions last six months or longer, you may want to think about hiring a permanent employee.   

Temp to Hire Jobs, From the Job Seekers Perspective

Working with a staffing agency for temporary or contract work can benefit you in many ways. Let’s go over four common reasons candidates look for temp to hire positions.

  1. Flexibility

Applicants can use a staffing agency to find positions that are seasonal, part-time, or on a contract basis to suit their schedule or financial needs. You can coordinate your time off with the agency as well as the length of the roles you accept. Positions can last weeks, months, or eventually, turn into a full-time employment opportunity. You have choices to fill in resume gaps or test out a company before making a commitment. One in five temp to hire employees say schedule flexibility is a big reason for choosing temporary or contract work.

  1. Expanding skills

Add to your skills and experience with hands-on learning opportunities for your resume. This will make you stand out from other candidates when you’re ready to land a permanent position. Or use temp positions to try out different jobs to see what truly interests you and aligns with your skills. You’ll update your abilities with technology tools and gain resources that transfer to a future role.

  1. Networking

Each temporary job is an opportunity to add more people to your professional contact list. More colleagues and connections make it easier to be top of mind when a role opens up at a company you know and like. Employees who have already met you can give you a great reference and share what it is like to work with you, verify your skills, or the value you added to a team.

  1. Earning while searching

Earn an income to remain financially stable while you seek the perfect permanent full-time job. Some temporary jobs are offered as temp-to-hire. When the short term contract goes well, it transitions to a permanent role. Six in 10  temp to hire employees are filling the gaps between jobs until finding the right fit. 

Temp-to-hire Builds a Lasting relationship with Your Staffing Agency 

Temporary workers provide highly skilled individuals with a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experience. Choosing the right agency, like Colorado Network Staffing (CNS), as your outsourced Human Resources team can make it easier to match qualified and reliable applicants with your company. The temp-to-hire process lets you get to know your candidates and determine the likelihood of a long-term fit.

For those looking for their next role, we have extensive knowledge of the hiring needs of different companies and employers. From advice with your resume to resources for additional education and training needs, CNS partners with you for a successful job search. We make it simple to successfully apply for a job, whether it’s a temporary position or a long term career path. Get hired by a progressive company looking for talent with your unique skillset.

CNS is an outsourced human resource provider that offers various HR department services for organizations in all industries that need temp, temp to permanent, and direct hire positions. As a leader in staffing and employer relationships, we work quickly to find the best solutions. Contact us online or call 303-430-1441 to fill your staffing needs or start your new career!

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