Looking for a Well Paying Summer or Seasonal Job?

Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) in Westminster, Colorado, understands the demands of employers. During this last year, we saw high demand for Customer Service Reps, IT support, and HR Specialists. As summer comes around, there are great opportunities in outdoor labor.

Landscaping jobs

Landscaping workers are in high demand during the busy summer months in Colorado. Many of these positions are full-time and pay $14 to $18 per hour. Nights and weekends are often open, making it ideal for those who want to be home for dinner and weekend events. Some examples of work that landscaping jobs entail are:

・Edging or weed whacking
・Applying fertilizers, weed killers or pest control
・Trimming trees, bushes, and hedges
・Planting greenery
・Assisting with xeriscape

Utility technicians

Utility technicians help utility companies with a number of tasks to support customers. Preventing outages, assisting with connections and disconnections, and measuring usage, are among the expected responsibilities. 

Depending on experience, these positions pay $20 per hour and have the possibility of becoming permanent, year-round careers. Seasonal workers have the potential for getting their foot in the door of a great company while building a new skillset.

This position may require specific educational requirements, so it’s important to understand the job and talk to someone about those requirements.

How CNS helps

CNS is where employers, who are looking for a Denver Employment Agency, turn when they need help finding the best staff. They count on us to provide great candidates. Some of the candidates are temporary or short-term, and others are permanent. Either way, we guarantee success, and that’s why the employers keep coming back.

For people who are looking for work, using a company like CNS can help in several ways, including:

Fresh skills

First, we give you opportunities to build your resume with new, relevant skills. Whether you’ve been out of the workforce for a gap of time, just completed school, or are looking to change careers, having fresh, relevant skills on your resume is important. Temporary work can provide experience in diverse settings to prove and improve your abilities.


A workplace is rarely perfect in every way, but the company culture makes the difference in whether it will be a good, long-term fit. By accepting temporary or temp-to-hire work, you can try a company or a position to see if it is a match for you. In essence, it is a working interview. Complete the assignment and move on to the next without the painful employment gap that can come from starting and stopping multiple jobs.


Finally, because a staffing agency has the sole responsibility of finding qualified candidates for several companies, they have a tremendous number of resources dedicated to matching you to positions that may not even be published on job boards. We work so closely with our clients, that we know their needs and go to our pool of candidates as quickly as possible to help them meet their employment needs.

In search of employment opportunities in Colorado? Let
CNS help! Our employing companies are looking for the best and brightest team members and trust us to provide them, time and again. Contact us at 303-430-1441 to learn more and to get started in your new career faster.

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