Our Winning Formula For “Best Fit” Matches

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How CNS uses the EOS framework to match candidates and openings for the best fit

Everyone who has worked with CNS knows that we attract and support the best people using our “best fit” formula. What you might not know about our formula is that it’s based on a framework that’s widely loved and implemented by businesses of all sizes, worldwide. We use the EOS Framework – popularized by the book Traction by Gino Wickman – to match job candidates to openings for the best fit. Let’s delve into the principals of the EOS framework here.

Finding the Right People

“The right people are the ones who share your company’s core values. They fit and thrive in your culture. They are people you enjoy being around and who make your organization a better place to be.”

Gino Wickman, Traction

How do you find the right people? An EOS tool we utilize here at Colorado Network Staffing is the People Analyzer. Once an organization has its core values firmly in place, we can measure candidates against the core values an organization is looking for. 

Step 1: Define the Job

Our first step is to define the job by creating a job description that incorporates must-haves and nice-to-haves.  Also, we think about what skills are trainable – this can be viewed as an added value to the candidate and open up the candidate pool for the employer.  We also think about industries: what other industries could provide transferable skills to the role? Thinking creatively about transferrable skills could provide an untapped market for great talent!

Step 2: Establish Culture

HR always talks about great “fit” but what does that mean? Culture! Hiring for culture fit can have great rewards, higher job satisfaction, and longer tenure at the company. It’s important to have culture established and demonstrated throughout the company.

Finding the Right Seats

“Once you’re confident you have selected the right people, it’s important to get them in the right seats. A seat cannot be created until the organization is structured in the right way so as to lift your company to the next level.”

Gino Wickman, Traction

Step 1: Developing a Team

CNS uses Traction to develop our own team by evaluating if the right team member is in the right role. As demands change in an organization, current staff can be overlooked for new roles or tasks. Companies can end up with right players in the wrong seats on the bus, leading a stellar team to average performance. 

Step 2: Set Expectations

By setting expectations, each employee should have a clear understanding of the company goals and values. Evaluation and frequent one-on-one meetings with staff and real-time feedback can be invaluable to the employee and company. Knowing your employees’ strengths and weaknesses can ensure everyone is in the right seat on the bus. 

Step 3: Training and Growth

The goal of developing staff within CNS is first identifying top talent and second to build the employee skill set to grow with the company. We do this through mentoring, training programs, and opportunities to take on challenging new projects. 

Right People + Right Seats = Best Fit Matches

We hire by developing a structured hiring process. We do this by starting early; the time to hire is before the need arises and you need to fill the position quickly. Instead, we are always on the lookout for great talent, building relationships, and making connections. This way when the need arises an extensive network of relationships is in place. 

Because of the relationships we build with clients and the knowledge/expertise we have of jobs in the industries we work with (our specialties are administration/clerical, finance, construction, water tech jobs, accounting, specialty subject matter experts, hr jobs, and more!), we are able to position ourselves to anticipate needs. 

CNS uses skills assessments to assess whether a candidate is not only a fit skills wise but also a personality fit. But because we have years of staffing and hr work with these positions and clients we can easily determine personality and culture fits. Get in touch and let’s find your Best Fit today!

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