How a Recruiter Can Be Your Best Ally

What the world has taught us lately is that our jobs may not be as safe as we once thought. The rise of side hustles, the gig economy, and work-from-home solutions are evidence of that. While many job seekers turn to recruiters when they are looking, keeping an ongoing relationship with one can help you even if you’re already gainfully employed.

Finding a recruiter who specializes in your chosen field, or one you are interested in breaking into is a huge benefit to you. Here’s how a recruiter can be your best ally and tips for building the relationship.

Tip: Use LinkedIn to find a recruiter or ask for connections to one.

Denver recruiting agencies work for firms seeking employees, and if you are a good fit, now or in the future, they want to know that so they can play employment matchmaker. A recruiter has a pulse on the current workplace trends, including open positions, salary averages, and where workforce demands are heading.

Ask the recruiter for advice about career moves, salary negotiations, or upcoming openings. Because you aren’t actively looking, you can take time to do more research and use the recruiter’s help to get that information.

Tip: Ask a recruiter for information and connections.

This does create a win-win for the recruiter, even though you may think you are bugging them. Recruiters pride themselves on being master networkers, making connections between the people they know and have relationships with. Networking builds their reputation and the pool from which they can pull for resources.

Consider ways to help the recruiter as well, such as making connections for them too. This should be a relationship and should be mutually beneficial.

Tip: Ask about top skills for your industry to keep you sharp.

Often, when we are working we aren’t thinking much about our resumes, even though our responsibilities and skills are always growing. Keep your resume up-to-date and stay abreast of the top skills in case job opportunities arise that you don’t want to miss – within your current company or in other employment. Your recruiter can help keep you aware of those outside opportunities.

If you stay with your company, your recruiter can help you know what you’re worth. Even being able to negotiate a bit of a raise can make a difference in paying down more debt, getting money into savings, or for a vacation.

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