Is Temp-to-Hire Right for Your Business?

Temp-to-hire has become a popular way for businesses to fill positions in recent months. You have most likely seen the term at some point when searching for employees, as many people enjoy the flexibility as well as the opportunity to work in industries they may never have considered on their own. But should your business use temp-to-hire employees? Here are a few benefits to consider.

Start-Up Businesses

If you have a start-up business, temp-to-hire is a great way to gain help for short-term projects. This is especially true if you don’t currently make enough to start paying a full-time employee.

Short-term can be anything from a day to a year, as long as both parties agree to the time frame. This allows you to have the help when you need it and not have to pay full-timers when there is no work.

Working Interview

Using a temp-to-hire is a good way to find someone who is the right fit for your company before you invest time and money into onboarding. Hire for a specific timeline and if they are a good match with skills and culture, you can then offer them a permanent position as a part of your team.

Simplified Onboarding

Agencies that place temp-to-hire workers have done the hard work of recruiting and interviewing candidates. The positions they fill are designed to be win-win-win: The employer gets a high-quality candidate, the candidate is interested in the type of work they are being asked to do, and the staffing company builds their positive reputation in the industry.

A good agency will be sure to consider not only what a temp-to-hire wants but also what you are looking for, eliminating the application and interview process for you and completely freeing your time for more important things. Plus, most agencies can fill a vacancy very quickly, unlike what happens in a normal hiring process. This can bridge the gap between the vacancy and the newest candidate being located, onboarded, and trained. 

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