How Does Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) Work?

Colorado Network Staffing, also known as CNS, is a Colorado-based staffing agency. Our main offices are located in Westminster, Colorado. We work with local and federal government agencies such as school districts, water utility, power marketing administration, and water resource management. We also support staffing for commercial clients such as those in the HVAC, construction, pipe suppliers, and automotive industries.

We help both employers and career seekers.

How Colorado Network Staffing Helps Employers

Offering complete personnel services, we handle “behind the scenes” staffing and staff management so businesses can focus on their key production and management tasks.

We help with:

•   Recruiting employees
•   Screening of employees (including background checks, credit checks, education confirmation, and drug testing)
•   Skill Assessments (determining if applicants have typing skills, computer literacy, and personality/culture fit indicators)
•   Payroll support (Hiring an employee on CNS payroll)

Our staffing solutions include direct-hire, temp-to-permanent, and temporary workers.

How Colorado Network Staffing Helps Career Seekers

Job seekers, especially in the following fields, are needed.

•   Customer Service
•   IT Support
•   Financial Support (Bookkeepers, Clerks, Collections)
•   Administrative
•   Engineering Support (Designers and Drafters)
•   Contracting
•   Real Estate
•   Construction/ Project Management
•   Interior Design

CNS has developed strong relationships with employers looking for high-quality candidates. We are always searching for the best applicants to present to these organizations and these relationships help you find your next career.

Who You Know Matters

In Hollywood, it is said who you know matters. That philosophy is how a staffing agency works. 

For employees, we become the “big name” that helps you get discovered in companies that you may not have access to on your own. And for employers, we help you get connected to only the cream of the crop in the huge labor market. We vet the best so you aren’t wasting time in filling crucial roles in your organization.

Whether you are looking for your best and brightest team members or your next career, let CNS help you! As the sole human resource provider for our clients, we save you time, energy, and money by providing the experience, resources, and top-level management for your staffing needs. Contact us today at 303-430-1441.

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