Five Kinds of Construction Inspector Jobs

Construction inspector oversees a job site.

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Learn About the Construction Industry and Job Requirements

The construction industry builds and maintains both residential and non-residential structures such as paved roads, business buildings, and safe homes. People doing construction inspector jobs are responsible for ensuring safety by inspecting construction projects and completing comprehensive examinations at job sites.

Although construction and building inspector positions are projected to decline by three percent from 2020 to 2030, an average of 14,300 openings are projected to be available each year. Those job openings are based on the expectations of having to replace workers who transfer into other occupations or retire.

The typical entry-level education needed for a construction inspection position is a high school diploma or equivalent. You must work a minimum of five years or more in the construction industry before you qualify to apply for a construction inspector position.

There are many types of construction inspector jobs, and they all require different qualifications. Most of these positions demand basic knowledge of construction, general knowledge of OSHA safety, and job-specific training and certifications. The primary duty of a construction inspector is to ensure that construction projects are up to standard and follow code regulations. 

Most general construction inspectors work in an outdoor environment and frequently climb ladders or crawl in tight spaces. Inspectors usually work full-time, Monday through Friday, during regular business hours.

Construction management roles have different qualifications due to greater responsibilities. For example, construction managers are often required to oversee construction designs and quality control materials, review contracts, and bring a professional level of both written and verbal communication to the table.

Five Kinds of Construction Inspector Jobs 

Here are some of the more interesting construction inspector jobs available:

  1. General Construction Inspectors make an average of $31.58 an hour depending on years of experience,  job requirements, and location, although some positions pay up to $50 an hour. Essential tasks for this position usually include observing and inspecting activities, processes, and construction products to ensure compliance with plans and specifications. In addition, general construction inspectors review contractor reports and submittals, report progress to upper management, and monitor safety compliance.

  1. Earthwork Inspectors (EI) need five years of relevant experience with earthwork construction and make an average of $43 to $50 an hour. This position focuses on observing and inspecting heavy civil works ensuring Completion Commitment (CC) compliance and safety, and communicating CC activities to Construction Contracting Officers Representative (CCOR). This specialty revolves around groundwork and requires experience with concrete materials and soil and aggregate properties, testing, and related site work methods.

  1.  Concrete Inspectors (CI) with experience can make upwards of $43 to $50 an hour monitoring and evaluating construction sites. A concrete inspector’s main job is to guarantee materials being used are durable enough for concrete placement. In addition, they examine and test concrete batches to make sure the composition is up to industry standards and code. Most concrete inspector jobs require current certification as an American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Construction Special Inspector.

  1.  Civil Construction Inspectors or Managers (CM) have a higher paying salary of $55 to $65 an hour due to a greater level of responsibility. Primary job functions include reviewing construction modifications, assisting CCOR with submittals and drafting, attending and coordinating meetings, reporting problems, and reviewing technical documents. Some of these higher-up positions require a minimum of 15 years of construction inspection experience.

  1. Transportation Construction Inspectors (TCI) are responsible for infrastructure safety and can make $44 to $54 an hour. These inspectors evaluate construction projects related to transportation, such as roads, bridges, and sidewalks. These types of projects can take months and even years to complete, and transportation construction inspectors must ensure project compliance with local, state, and federal regulations by continually revising and assessing projects.

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