5 Tips for Overcoming the Labor Shortage

Low unemployment rates mean finding skilled labor is challenging. In today’s gig economy, changes in employee needs and wants, and an economic forecast that predicts continued labor shortages creates innovation and creativity in employers looking to snag top talent. Here are some tips to implement, or build on, to overcome the labor shortage.

Work with a Staffing Agency

A Colorado staffing agency may not have been something you considered in the past, or you may not think your industry or business can benefit from one, however they are worth another look. Prospective candidates may not be actively seeking work, but are willing to make a change for the right opportunity. In fact, LinkedIn has a feature that allows candidates to privately mark themselves as open for contact without publicly announcing they are looking for work.

Staffing agencies scout for talent that matches the needs of their clients, making recruiting proactive and pulling top talent into the candidate pool. They have connections and resources the average hiring manager or HR department doesn’t have.

Develop from Within

Employees who already work for you and perform quality work are ideal for giving more responsibility and also for recruiting others like them. Promote internally when there are labor holes and encourage internal candidates who want to grow. Too often good employees leave when they don’t feel there is an opportunity for growth – so look for chances to make that a reality.

Sometimes job roles and titles can be combined or separated to create new positions or change the effectiveness of current roles. Revisit job descriptions and determine if current employees can fill new roles or take on greater tasks.

Expand Your Hiring Pool

If you tend to go to the same resource for hiring, consider new pools. These can be in the form of colleges/universities in the area, employment agencies, veterans, job fairs and more. It’s time to start diversifying and leveraging more resources to assist you in your candidate search and expand your hiring pool.

Add Employee Value

Simply expanding employee perks and benefits isn’t enough. Instead, create real benefits for employees by asking good questions that get to the value desired. This can include flexible schedules, work-from-home options, or shorter workweeks. Or, it may look like team building days, mission-focused volunteer opportunities or employee refreshments in the break room.

Overall, your company culture should add valuable elements to the workplace that make it attractive to the right type of employee.

Focus on Retention

The same or similar effort put into hiring should be put into employee retention. Consistent and fairly applied HR practices and management will help new hires and tenured employees stay. Building a healthy culture and adding employee value and the ability to grow in the company will attract and retain quality employees as well.

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