How to Retain Quality Staff

Hiring managers understand how important it is to retain quality staff . The cost of hiring a staff person, and then losing them, can add up quick.n This makes effective employee retention significant in managing the effect on the company’s bottom line. Studies have shown that retention is so muchn more than simply the rate of pay being offered. In fact, most employee retention has more to do with your process for working with employees.

Retain Quality Staff with Clear Communication

Establish a process with each potential employee that first clearly communicates:

Job expectations

Remember that communication is more non-verbal that verbal. When meeting with a potential employee, be enthusiastic about them coming on board. Let them know not just what the job expectations are, but how their specific role has direct impact on the company as a whole. Help them connect the dots ton why they are valued and important.

In order to retain quality staff, continue to be enthusiastic about their role and contribution to the team. This can include perks, bonuses and recognition for meeting specific goals (whether communicated or not).

The benefits of working for you

During the interview process, listen to what the potential employee values and talk more about how that fits perfectly into their goals. For example, if when asking about their worst boss (a typical interview question), listen to the complaint they had. Was it that the boss wasn’t clear in expectations?n Didn’t listen to feedback? Didn’t give them a schedule that allowed for the bowling league they play on, or others. This will give you a clue to what is important to them.

Then, let the employee know what’s in it for them. Highlight the benefits of the position, whether that is an actual benefit package and pay structure or the training and advancement abilities, the time flexibility, the independence, recognition, or more. By listening to what they really value, you can guide the conversation to focus on the component that matters most to them.

Simply listening and taking note of their values with help retain quality staff, but also reinforcing those values- by offering them then components that are meaningful to them, will keep them around.

How Problems are Handled

Many employees feel they aren’t heard or aren’t able to effect needed change. Review how complaints are handled and explain this to employees clearly.n Address issues effectively and quickly, as they come up, rather than letting them grow. Well-handled conflict resolution will help retain quality staff,n while poor resolution will leave you with the lowest level employees.

“…poor performers bring down everyone else in your company. No one wants to work with a person who is unreliable and incapable of correcting his/her mistakes. Companies who tolerate poor performance will see an exodus of high performers who are unhappy working in that environment…” Source: Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky, KeyGroupn

Performance Review Procedures

Many employees leave companies because they couldn’t grow there. To improve your ability to retain quality staff, ask what the employees’n goals are and then talk to them about how they can advance. Discuss the timeline and process and how performance reviews are handled.

During performance reviews, revisit goals, as they can change. Take on the role of a coach, rather than a manager. Help the employee reach their goals,n and they are more likely to stay.

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