Employment Solutions Denver: How to Hire High Quality Talent

Employment Solutions Case Study 1:

A small business in Denver was looking for a reliable way to hire high quality talent.n

The office manager, Susie, went to an online site and posted a “help wanted” advertisement. The cost was relatively low, but so was the quality. Without knowledge of other employment solutions, Susie faced unqualified applicants flooding her email inbox. Some applicants failed to submit a resume, others had significant errors while others didn’t follow directions. The manager was frustrated because out of 50 applicants, only a few were worth pursuing. She left messages with the candidates,n some of whom didn’t return her call. At the end of the process, she was able to interview 3 candidates and didn’t feel any of them were what she was looking for.

Disappointed in her results, she paid for an employment lead source. This too seemed to flop, producing no candidates or giving her leads to job seekers who she was having to chase down, rather than quality candidates searching for her.

She dreaded needing to hire because the process was tedious and didn’t produce good results. She wanted employment solutions that brought her high quality talent in a more efficient and simpler way.

How to hire high quality talent

First, really know what you are looking for in a candidate. Look beyond simply the skills to do the task, but also consider how your company does business. Will the candidate need to be able to master email and document preparation as well as follow directions? Screen them easily by requiring them to submit a specific detailed project by email. Truly valuable employment solutions will easily remove prospective candidates who can’t follow instructions.

Second, screen prospective employees for the traits you want. There is a saying that states skills can be taught, but character can not. Employment solutions that work take into consideration the type of character the employee needs to have.  Should they be detail orientation? Demonstrate customer service and friendliness? Should they be someone who follows directions precisely or do they need to be able to work independently?

Third, ask the right questions. Once you have determined what skills and personality type that will best fit the position, ask questions that will demonstrate the use of that skill. Ask open ended questions such as, “Can you tell me about a time you have had to follow directions perfectly?”

Fourth, check references. Employment solutions geared towards screening the applicant will filter out all but the high quality talent.n Reaching out to talk to the people your applicant has referenced can tell you a great deal about the candidate, yet many managers fail to take this step. Who the applicant chooses to list as references are just as important as what the reference has to say.

If you are needing reliable employment solutions in your workplace that are simple and effective, contact CNS today to learn more. Our screening process helps provide you the best candidates who will fit your culture and perform ideally. Hire your perfect employee, contact CNS today.

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