How to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Corporate culture is more than a buzzword for MBA students. In fact, company culture is the litmus test of the company’s core values being carried out. When core values are defined and reinforced, they create a culture that embodies those values. Doing so means, even if not stated, customers, prospective clients, and even vendors can sense them.

Why does workplace culture matter? Studies show that company culture has a direct impact on employee satisfaction and engagement. Higher engagement equals better results and better employee retention. Wouldn’t we all like to have happier staff and less turnover?

How to Improve Workplace Culture

Since a better workplace culture can increase productivity and reduce the expenses of turnover, learning how to improve is of great value. Employers, employees, and staffing agencies have some great insight on how to improve your workplace culture. 

Here are some suggestions for what to implement, and how.


Companies that foster open communication, connection, and collaboration thrive. This doesn’t mean that groups of employees do all things together, but rather that opportunities are given that foster teamwork. Brainstorming meetings where ideas are shared and not shot down, and groups work together to improve more global business processes, foster healthy innovation.

Choices and Customization

Today’s technology allows us to have more choices and customization than ever before. This same concept can be implemented in the workplace setting as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that new technology needs to always be implemented. It can mean talking to staff about choices that would make their jobs easier or better and thinking of realistic ways to achieve those goals. 

Check In

Test or survey employees (and customers, if desired), to see where you currently stand in regard to culture. Is morale high? Why or why not? Do employees understand the company’s values? Are there areas that are incongruent or out of alignment with those ideals?

Knowing a baseline of your culture can help you determine if you are on track or need adjusting. Check in again at regular intervals to make sure both employees and customers feel your culture is aligned with the values that are shared.


Making the workplace fun with celebrations is another way to improve workplace culture. Themed days, parties, pot lucks, and games are just a few ways to break up the hum-drum and infuse energy and excitement.


Remembering life is more than just a workday means looking at everyone as a whole person. Consider additional benefits that support the overall wellness of a person and bring that into the workplace. This could be adding healthy options to the vending machine, offering smoking cessation or gym membership incentives, volunteering opportunities, flex time, or others.

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