The Pros and Cons of Local Government Jobs

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Find Out If Local Public Sector Work is Right For You

Are you interested in what local government jobs in Denver have to offer? Depending on what your career goals are and what workplace values and benefits are most important to you, a career in the public sector might be the perfect fit. 

There are many incentives available for government job seekers, especially for those looking to pay off their student loan debt, or those looking for exceptional insurance and benefits packages. However, making the decision to work for the government requires thoughtful planning and careful consideration of the pros and cons. Not only are you applying for a job that is highly competitive, but one that is often restricting in terms of salary and creative freedom due to its bureaucratic nature. 

If you’re thinking about applying for a government job in Denver, there are some things you should know first. Working for the government can be as rewarding, as it can be restricting, so take a moment to consider the following pros and cons before hitting send on those applications for local government jobs in Denver. 

The Pros:

Insurance coverage and retirement benefits

Government jobs are known for providing their employees with excellent benefits and perks. Do you have student loans you’ve been struggling to pay off? Several student debt repayment programs are available for eligible government employees, which could ultimately allow a person to save hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Local government jobs also tend to beat out private companies in terms of benefits packages. With perks like three months of paid parental leave, and comprehensive insurance packages, you will feel well taken care of, and because these benefits can be extended to your family members, so will they! 

Not to mention the benefit seen as most important by most: the FERS retirement annuity or “pension”. For each year you work for the government, you receive 1% of your salary per year in retirement. This benefit alone is why many people desire a public sector job.

Job Security

Government jobs are also more secure in nature than private company roles, which are often prone to downsizing and cutbacks. The government is not as susceptible to such cutbacks, due to their carefully planned budget. Government jobs sometimes make it easy for employees to relocate, as there are typically similar roles available in cities across the country.

Public sector roles are also more straightforward in what they demand from their employees, with a lower workload allowing for more time off and stress-free weekends. If less ambiguity in your role, and clearly defined office hours sound appealing to you, this might be for you. 

Make a Difference 

If you’re looking for a job that will provide you with a sense of purpose and a connection to your local community then you should definitely consider a government job in Denver. The satisfaction of making a difference through your work by carrying out a mission that will better your community is hard to find in private sector positions. 

Job satisfaction tends to be higher for those working in purpose-driven roles such as those found in the public sector. Government workers also report lower stress levels and a more balanced work and social life. 

The Cons:

Lower Earning Potential

A major disadvantage of working in a government job in Denver is that earning potential is typically lower than if you were in a private sector position. The government uses fixed salaries that are based on experience and education, which might be a pro for some who are concerned about discrimination or nepotism in the workplace. 

The public sector also outsources many of its low-skilled jobs to the private sector, leaving a larger budget for specialized jobs that require a lot of education and experience. Those coming from the private sector with specialized experience may have an easier time finding a job that meets their needs financially. Entry-level job seekers should be wary of the low starting salaries and the amount of time it will take to rise within the public sector. 


When you accept a position at a government job in Denver, you will be expected to abide by their rules, which are sometimes outdated and offer little wiggle room. The most common complaint from public sector workers is that the work can be tedious, and this can lead to low levels of fulfillment in the workplace. Depending on what skills you enjoy using, a government job may leave you feeling underutilized and underappreciated.  

It is helpful to also bear in mind that the infamous “red tape” of the government is not a myth, and not only do things move slower in government roles but whole projects can be scrapped on a moment’s notice due to political budgets being slashed. On the other hand, if you tend to move slower in your day-to-day workflow, this could be a positive for you. 

The Bottom Line on Local Government Jobs in Denver 

Now that you have a better understanding of what working in the government would entail, it is recommended that you take time to ponder the pros and cons discussed, before fully committing to your next career move. Accepting a government job in Denver could put you on a path to a rewarding, successful career where you feel stable, and valued, however there are some sacrifices as with any job. 

Are you ready to start your job search in the local government sector? Colorado Network Staffing is here to help. We have long-standing relationships with a number of government agencies at the local, state, and federal level here in the Denver area. We’ve been placing contractors and staff within these agencies for 25 years. Our specialties are placing talent in administrative and accounting roles, engineering positions, as well as in HR jobs and water technician jobs. Get in touch today to find out how we can match your unique skills and talents with a government position. 

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