Recruiting for Diversity

Recruiting for Diversity

One must simply watch the news to see the outcries for more diversity and inclusion. Not only does this surround the topic of race, but also varying disabilities, gender and sexual expression, and more.

America is full of such a large and diverse group of people, but does your company reflect this? Is it reflected in all areas and levels of the company? Do you want it to?

The Value of Diversity

Entrepreneur magazine identified four primary values of a diverse workplace including:

•   Better Performance
•   Better Problem Solving
•   Better Business Decisions
•   Better Exposure

Overall, a more diverse workplace allows for a broader perspective as different backgrounds and experiences come together to innovate, problem-solve, and reach others that are like them. This all results in better performance for the company as a whole.

Companies looking to expand their reach, engagement, and community connection would benefit from a strategy and implementation of diversifying their staff.

How to Recruit for Diversity

Talk about it. Start by meeting with management to talk about the value in diversity and brainstorm ways to intentionally search for and hire more diversity. Talk to your staff that already represent the community(ies) you are searching for to get ideas.

Make a plan. Identify what representation is lacking and determine how to make connections with that community. Partnering with a staffing agency or companies with connections in communities different from what is already represented by your current staffing could help.

Get support. Consider training and education around cultural, racial, and other minority population sensitivity. Learn appropriate terms within the diverse community and be willing to be curious about learning more.

Market. Be deliberate in your marketing, being sure to use collateral that represents the diversity you are looking to include in your talent, as well as the customer base.

Be genuine. Nothing is worse than lip-service. Be genuine in how you interview and hire, choosing the best candidate for the job while also increasing your job pool with greater diversity. Read/review your current training and recruiting materials with the lens of inclusivity and make adjustments as needed.

Be open. Being open to looking for the traits of the best candidate and knowing how skills can transfer, is a great way to broaden your candidate search to be more inclusive. Use the support of a staffing agency if this is difficult.

Employing those who have all experienced a very different past can only help to lend insight to your company in this ever-changing world. Knowledge can make or break you. 

If you are looking to diversify your staff and candidate pool to find your best and brightest team, let CNS (Colorado Network Staffing) help. As a sole human resource provider for our clients, we save you time, energy, and money by providing experience, resources, and top-level management for your staffing needs. Contact us today at 303-430-1441.

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