Denver Staffing Series: Attracting the Right Type of Employees

For those who hire employees in Denver, the hope is that they are choosing the not just the right people for the specific jobs, but those who will be the right types of employees overall. You hope that through your questions in the interview process, you will discover that the candidates are honest, dependable, on time and team players. However, you typically don’t truly discover this information until after they are hired. While this can be true, there are ways to increase your chances of finding the right type of employee.

Get Clear on What You Need

Start by getting clear on what exactly constitutes the right type of employees. What are their traits? Some the soft skills that are typically desired include:

    • Strong work ethic — do they work hard or do just enough?
    • Positive attitude — do they see the good and best in circumstances?
    • Ability to work well with others — are they willing and able to work in a team effort? •Effective communication — can they communicate well, with tact and clarity?
    • Time management — do they manage time well under pressure? •Problem solving — are they critical thinkers or do they need to be told what to do?
    • Open to feedback — do they accept criticism well?
    • Flexibility — are they adaptable to changes?

Knowing what you are looking for is the first step in identifying the right candidates. If you aren’t sure, look at your company mission, vision, and values.n Identify what traits are required to fulfill those as well as perform the job at hand. Rank the skills from most important to the least important,n and get rid of any that might be a preference but not job-critical, or is expected of all employees such as being on-time.

Use Open-Ended Questions

Create interview questions that will have the candidates talk about times when they have demonstrated the traits you have identified as desirable. For example, ask about a time when they had to work with a team and the results. Ask clarifying questions such as, “Was that frustrating?” Or “Were you excited?”

Ask them what a specific value means to them. By having them define it, they show their conceptual understanding. Then, ask how they have demonstrated that value either in their personal or professional lives. Even asking when they failed at that specific value can give good insight into how they are under pressure, their honesty, their communication skills, and their attitude.

Ask the candidate how they prefer to receive criticism or feedback. If you hire them, make a note of their preferences and implement them when giving feedback for better outcomes.

Hire a Staffing Company

A staffing agency, such as Colorado Network Staffing, is another way to find the right kind of employee as you have an opportunity to try before you buy. Candidates typically present their best selves or are incredibly nervous in interviews and give a “false read.” Oftentimes, you don’t truly know if candidates are a good fit, both with the hard and soft skills to meet the job requirements or the company culture until we see them in action.

Utilizing a staffing company enables the employer to use prescreened candidates to find the right type of employees without the time and risk involved in direct hire and onboarding.

If you are in search of brilliant employees, let Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) help you find your right fit candidates. CNS is a leader in staffing, staff augmentation, and contract management by acting as a sole human resource provider for our clients in Denver. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money on bad hires. CNS has the experience,n resources, and top-level management expertise to accomplish the tasks required on any size project. Contact Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) at 303-430-1441,n and we’ll find you the best and brightest team members.

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