Interviewing with a Staffing Agency? Here’s What to Expect

Interviewing with a staffing agency recruiter is different than interviewing with a prospective employer. The recruiter will be interviewing you with their clients in mind, determining where you may be a good fit, unlike an employer who is specifically interviewing you for a job vacancy they need to fill.

The recruiter wants to understand your overall skill set and, to some degree, your personality and goals, in order to create a win-win-win situation.  Because the recruiter is paid to place quality and qualified candidates to their companies, they want to make sure they are matching you with the job that is right for you.  

A recruiter can also help you with skill-building, unlike a direct employer. They may offer support or training in resume writing, interviewing, or even software.  One of their goals is to keep their reputation strong with their clients and this is done through providing great customer service and talent of the highest quality.


9 Tips for Interviewing with a Staffing Agency

  1. Show up for your interview just as you would with a prospective employer.
  2. Dress appropriately for the job(s) you are applying for and/or interested in.
  3. Bring copies of your resume.
  4. The staffing agency will ask you questions about what you are looking for, so know what your “minimum” requirements are in regards to distance to travel, rate of pay, and hours you are willing and able to work.
  5. Be open to new ideas offered as well – you may be surprised to discover what the staffing agency may see as your strengths or good positions for you.
  6. Be prepared to show or share examples of your past work and accomplishments. Your recruiter wants to really understand your abilities – both soft and hard skills.
  7. Bring a notebook to jot down the information and suggestions given.
  8. Bring any questions you have. This may be a new process for you, so don’t be shy in asking questions about the process and what is really being offered. Staffing agencies can vary, so ask about permanent or temporary placement, benefits and rate of pay, industries served, and any other questions you have.
  9. Be honest and expect honesty. A staffing company is likely to be more candid with you, letting you know where you can improve or make a better impact. Likewise, be honest about your goals and requirements so any placement will be a good fit.

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