What to look for when hiring an employment agency

Busy employers want to find quality talent while minimizing the search time for staff members. Many of them turn to an employment agency to fill that gap. A quality employment agency is worth its weight in gold in these instants and can take away the headaches and hassles that can come with hiring.

How to find a quality employment agency 

Begin by getting clear about the type of staffing you will need. An employment agency should specialize in the type of employees your business needs; for example, a company looking for customer service phone representatives will need something different than one looking to fill a single executive position.

Typically, an employment agency will offer services in professional/managerial, technical/engineering, office/clerical, health, and industry. Consider if the position(s) you need are temporary or permanent as well as full- or part-time. Knowing what you need will direct you to the right employment agency for your company.

Interview the employment agency 

Ask about the agency’s specialties, how the agency charges its fees (it can be by placement, a percentage of the salary or a portion of wages), agency policies, and general practices. Ask how the agency finds candidates and what services the agency includes. Find out what the agency’s experience is in your recruitment area.

The reputation of the employment agency is important in determining whether it can deliver on its promises and is fair in its dealings. Check out the agency online as well by looking at ratings. Inquire about references and ask those references about ethics, professionalism, quality and timeliness.

Does the employment agency match your needs?

Some good advice: Never have a ‘C’ manager hire, because you will get a ‘D’ employee. Only use ‘A’ managers in the hiring processes. The employment agency should act as that ‘A’, or top-notch, manager. Make sure the employment agency possess the traits you want in your employees. This can be answered with a few questions such as: How does the employment agency attract job seekers? Does the agency attract the type of job seekers you want?

How does the agency train its candidates and does that help you? The employment agencymay conduct skills tests and/or training on software or equipment. This may be helpful, so ask about training to determine if this makes the candidates a better fit for your company.

What else is included in the process? For example, does the agency offer background and/or drug tests?

The employment agency as a matchmaker

Overall, the experience of working with an employment agency is like a matchmaker. The agency should understand your needs, as well as your business culture. The agency might do a site visit, and ask for job descriptions and other items to help recruiters understand your business and staffing needs. The true value is in the listening skills, professionalism, and ability to place the right talent at the right timeline.

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