Should I Hire an Employee or Use a Staffing Agency?

It seems the most common process employers know for hiring an employee is fairly straightforward:

  •   Recognize the need for an employee
  •   Place an ad
  •   Screen applicants
  •   Interview
  •   Conduct background checks
  •   Complete new hire paperwork
  •   Train and orient

…And then hand them off to their direct supervisor to perform the work at hand. This process has been shown to cost the employer about 90-200% of the new hire’s annual salary. (Source: The True Cost of Employee Turnover). With this is mind, some employers are looking at ways to streamline the process and reduce costs, as well as retain employees for a longer period of time.

One such way is by using a staffing agency. In fact, while these agencies were primarily used for filling only temporary positions, they can be leveraged for a variety of staffing needs, including permanent placement.

Should I Use a Staffing Agency for a Permanent Placement?

There is a time and place to best use a staffing agency, and the answer to this question will depend on your needs and goals. Interview them just as you would an employee and make sure you are aligned – they are happy to help to provide a win-win-win scenario for you, them, and prospective employees.

Some benefits of using a staffing agency include:

They can provide a transitional fix. A relationship with a staffing agency allows you to contact them when there is an employment vacancy, or pending one, to put in place an immediate, temporary fix until a suitable replacement is found. Most vacancies take several weeks to fill, and many companies struggle with that much downtime in productivity. Fill in the gap with a temporary employee.

They handle the “dirty work”. The employment agency handles the hassle of placing an ad, screening applicants, conducting background checks, and measuring them up against your needs and culture. This means that when it is time for interviewing, you are only talking to the most qualified candidates and not wasting time with the busywork that leads up to it.

Seeing skills in action. When using a staffing company, the placement is often placed with a term that can be continued, or not. This means you can see the employee in action – performing the work to your standards, or not. This allows you to make a better-informed decision about their capabilities, without the downside of unemployment costs or turnover, because the agency is responsible for those.

Choose the Right Staffing Agency

While these benefits are of high-value, it is important to know that all staffing agencies are not equal. Hiring a company to fill vacancies must be balanced with their knowledge of your industry and proper treatment of their job seeking candidates.

The best staffing agencies will properly screen and vet candidates for skills, traits, and attributes appropriate for the industry and job at hand – not just collect warm bodies to filter through to employers.

Do your research on any potential employment agency you are looking to utilize – reading their reviews, checking they are in good standing legally, and contacting references both of prospective employees and other employing companies. 

Think bigger. Staffing agencies don’t just place temporary employees- they can be leveraged to provide professional, high-quality candidates in a variety of positions, from front line to C-Suite.

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