Reasons to Conduct Background Checks and Drug Testing

Whether you are an employer or employee, understanding the value and application of background checks and drug testing is critical. Without proper knowledge, you could be breaking the law. Without performing them, you could be putting yourself, your organization or your customers at risk. There must be a balance on both sides to protect your interests properly while also respecting your potential hires and employee’s privacy.

Why should you conduct a background check and drug test?

Employee Safety. Unfortunately, co-worker violence is on the rise. According to CNN Money, approximately 700 people a year are killed by a co-worker (Source: CNN Money Workplace Violence). Additionally, with legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, Quest Diagnostics reported an increase in positive drug tests. If an employee must drive or operate machinery, drug testing your candidate is a matter of safety.

Client Safety. Unscrupulous employees can steal cash, products, and even data from companies, and conducting employee background checks prior to hiring them, can help reduce that. Fortune Magazine reports, “…employee theft accounts for 43 percent of lost revenue. That’s about $18 billion…”. That is $2 billion more annually than what is lost due to shoplifting.

Company Safety. Hiring companies can be held liable for crimes committed by their employees. If employers do not take proper care in protecting their clients, they can be considered neglectful. Performing background checks and drug tests demonstrates employer responsibility. It should even be considered when you are looking at outside staffing solutions or contract management.

Company Reputation. Crimes are only one of the items in background checks. A search includes a variety of information to determine if the candidate is who he or she claims to be. This includes education claims and credit. Employers can use a credit history to gauge a candidate’s responsibility and trustworthiness.

Critical Governing Bodies

To perform a background check you will need the candidate’s permission, full name, date of birth and social security number. To conduct a drug test, it is recommended you have a solid drug test policy in place that follows all laws on privacy, and adherence to the ADA (American Disability Act) to prevent discrimination. It is also recommended that a third party conduct the test to prevent errors and liability.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) can be notified by your employee if they feel they have been discriminated against due to any protected class. This includes being discriminated against based on race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information or age. Further, if a candidate is not offered a position based on the information in the background check, or due to a positive drug test, he or she must be given the report findings as well as a notice of rights.

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