An Abundance of Candidates? Use These Post-COVID Hiring Strategies

The proliferation of COVID-19,  subsequent lockdowns, and restrictions have changed how many businesses hire employees. Almost overnight, applications, interviews, first days, and training strategies have been forced to adapt and go online in part or entirely.

As the cities and workplaces reopen, several of the tools and restrictions might seem to be unnecessary, but they have afforded the workplace several advantages.

Test, screen, and choose wisely

The job market has changed, and leveraging it to better serve your business is possible. Before shutdowns, talent was harder to find, as unemployment was at a record low. As jobless claims pass 40 million in the United States, hiring managers have an unprecedented chance to grow their staff again with people who are eager for work. The pool of candidates has grown exponentially, which can benefit your business.

Sloppy hires, however, can also become increasingly abundant, causing high turnover and wasted time and money. Ensure you are hiring the right fit for your teams, as the options are more numerous than ever. Now is the time to screen and test candidates to get the top picks.

Give your hiring process a personal touch

A candidate is more than their resume and experience. Make sure that you get to know their personality, work and management style, and what they’d like to see from their time with your business. Delve deeply, if possible, and take the time to ensure this person is the right one for your team. Now is the time to spend more time with candidates, not less.

Understand opportunities and challenges

Get clear about what you need done and how it can be modified to help new staff navigate re-entry to the workforce while feeling safe, healthy, and supported.

It is useful to rethink your hiring process as well, adapting it to reflect the goals of your business, and the people who work to keep it running. Showing a willingness and excitement to try new strategies will set your company forward and benefit everyone.

Attract talent to your teams that you might not have considered before. In these new times, learn from each other, adapt, and watch your business grow.

Go digital in your recruitment processes

Your hiring process should reflect the way your new recruits will be working. If your teams have been working virtually and you intend to continue remote work options, then your interviews should be done virtually as well. There are many technological advances that enable companies to connect with one another, such as video conferencing, one-on-one chats, and video presentations.

Just as with in-person interviews, make sure that you prepare well, with a formal structure and an outline of questions to ask, with the interviewer and candidate comfortable with the tools available.

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