How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

Whether you are passively looking for a new job or actively searching, your goal is to land the best offer. Of course, to get the job, you do need to have the applicable job requirements met, but there are a few more actions you can take to increase your chances and stand out from the crowd. Here’s our advice to you as an expert in hiring and staffing solutions in Denver.

First Impressions

Your résumé is your first impression, and without the right information, you won’t get to the interview. Without the interview, you won’t get the position. Look at the job description provided and review your resume to make sure it states each item the job description includes. This doesn’t mean to craft your resume to be identical, but if it asks for Microsoft Office as a skill, make sure your résumé states you have that experience if you do.
Further, list the job positions held that demonstrate the job tasks that will be required of you. If there have been gaps in employment because of this, create your resume in a skill focused format rather than a chronological one.

Next, complete the application according to the directions. It may seem very redundant, especially if you have also submitted a résumé, but there is a reason they are asking for the information. Today’s employers are dealing with large volumes of applicants, so failure to follow directions makes you easy to disqualify- don’t let that be your mistake.

Brush Up on Your Interview Skills

Once you are called in for an interview, be sure to reacquaint yourself with interviewing, especially if it has been awhile. Ask a friend to role play so you can work out any nervousness. Ask what the appropriate attire is, if it is unknown, dress in business attire, or business casual.

Read more about the company and what they offer and consider what questions you may have for them. Think about their values, mission and vision statements and how you may be a good fit. Show passion in the position and the company based on what you have learned about them, and share that. Be confident, calm, and positive.

Check in Afterwards

During the interview take the interviewer’s business card or contact information. Send a follow-up card or message to thank him or her for the interview time. If appropriate, recap your passion and interest in the job. Write legibly, including printing your name.

Overall, to increase your chances of getting a job, you want to create a positive impression that allows you to stand out among the multiple candidates likely being interviewed for the same position. This includes having a good résumé, following directions in the application process, making a good impression and following up.

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