​Hey Job Seeker! Know These 7 Tips Before an Interview

As a job seeker, you know that hunting for and interviewing for a new job can take as much work as the job itself. Being organized and prepared, as well as equipped with these 7 tips before an interview, will help you easy more easily into your next job.

7 Tips Before an Interview

Be sure to have an updated resume. Check it over to be certain you have correct contact info, as well as information about your most recent employment, skills, training and certificates. Get a professional email address as well if you don’t already have one.

Make copies of your resume and/or application. Often, even when a resume is submitted, an employer will have you complete an application. Having an additional copy of your resume, plus a copy of an application, could help speed the process and help you from having to memorize all the names, dates and phone numbers you’ll be asked for.

Touch base with your references. Often we list references, but they too may have incorrect contact information, or may not be available to give a timely reference. By reaching out and asking if they are still able to be a reference is in good form. Former employers expect reference calls all the time, but former managers or personal references don’t- so give them a heads up.

Practice interviewing. Sample interview questions are found online, and the most common simply ask about your strengths and weaknesses, and how you would perform in specific situations. Think about your accomplishments, how you’d handled problems, and what personal information you may want to share.

Clean up your online profiles. Just as you update your resume, also update your LinkedIn profile and any other online professional listings. Do an internet search of your name and see what comes up. If a personal social account doesn’t give a professional image of you, consider making it private while you are job seeking. All communication with employers, whether written or verbal, needs to be professional.

Keep records. Take a few minutes to track your job search activity such as keeping notes on: Who you applied to; What position you applied for; When you applied; Where they are located (as specifically as you want); and any other notes such as when you should follow up and whether or not you got a call back.

You may also want to include the link to the job posting and/or job description, so when you do get the interview, you can remember what it entails in order to be best prepared.

Once you have the interview, get prepared.

Check the route you need to take to get to the interview at least 15 minutes early (to account for traffic or GPS misdirection, etc.).

Research a bit about the company by looking at their website and any social media profiles.

Follow these additional tips for during and after your job interview. Of course, these tips before an interview aren’t exhaustive, but will build a strong foundation in your job search. Do you have any other tips you have found to be successful? We’d love to hear them.


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