Five Reasons Your Company Should Use an Employment Agency

In Denver’s competitive job market, both job seekers and employers are looking for more efficient ways to connect. (This is true for top Denver employment agencies, too.) Job boards can be rabbit holes — driving applicants to defunct job postings and endless requests for resume uploading. Likewise, “Help Wanted” postings can become buried and invisible to the candidates the employer wants to attract. This has caused many employers and job seekers to look at the option of using an employment agency.

What are the benefits of using an employment agency? Here are five reasons to use an employment agency.

    1. The quality of talent

Because of the employment agency’s reach, the employer will be able to present superior candidates to fill open vacancies. They don’t simply provide applicants — employers can do that on their own. Instead, they provide pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates for hire. Additionally, many top candidates will use an employment agency to watch for golden opportunities even though they aren’t actively looking for work. (We come across this as provider for employment solutions in Denver.)

    1. They specialize in hiring

The main role of the employment agency is to hire, so the agency is highly specialized in knowing what traits to look for and which ones to filter out. Most employment agencies specialize in specific industries, which means they are able to pull from a pool of candidates with skill sets that match more of what the employer is looking for. Without the employment agency, a job seeker may determine they fit the job criteria, even if they lack the skills required to do the job.

    1. Employment agency guarantee

Many employment agencies will offer some sort of guarantee with the new hire. This isn’t the case when a company hires its own. They may invest time and money to go through the hiring process and within 30 days discover the employee is not a good fit. When working with an employment agency a new placement can be made without the significant loss of time and money duplicated from continual repeating of the hiring the wrong employee.

    1. Temp-to-hire options

Some companies like the idea of a “try before you buy” employee. These temp-to-hire positions allow the company to try out a specific employee without a complete commitment. It also can allow an employer to try out a new employment position, such as one that the time or tasks are unknown until a person is filling the role, or the budget for the position isn’t clear.
Small business owners can sometimes get into a cycle of hiring for needed help and then firing when they don’t have funds to support the hire. An employment agency temp-to-hire option allows the employer to test the person and/or position without a potentially problematic lay-off.

    1. New employee cost reduction

The cost of hiring has been documented to equaling up to 30 percent of the new hire’s annual salary. This is important to know, especially if the new hire doesn’t work out. When a staffing agency can take some of that burden, it makes financial sense for businesses who want to reduce their expenses associated with Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment. A study cited by The Hartford, a provider of Worker’s Compensation, stated that new hires are four to six times more likely to suffer a workplace injury in their first 30 days. (Source: Hartford) But that’s not all:
“Up to 20 percent of turnover happens in the first 45 days” Source: Employment Stats
Overall, employers who need staffing on a regular basis can likely expect lowered on-boarding costs by using an employment agency.

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