Employment Solutions: Does working with a staffing company help or hurt me?

As a job seeker, you want to do as many things right as possible to land your next career. You likely have seen opportunities to work with a company who provides employment solutions to large companies, such as a head hunter, executive recruiters or staffing companies. Head hunters and executive recruiters can charge you for their services and may be a good option for you. However, working with a staffing company may not be so cut and dry.

When determining if you should work with an employment solutions provider, it’s important to take a look at how it can help or hurt you. First, you may want to understand how using a staffing agency benefits the employer, so you understand how it works as a big picture overview.

Employment Solutions Benefits to Employers

Large and small companies alike will turn to staffing agencies to provide both temporary and long-term candidates quickly. Hiring through an again gives the employer a “try before you buy” with candidates, thus reducing their risk and expense. Onboarding is time consuming and therefore costly, and staffing firms take this burden on, even pre-qualifying the best candidates to help employers find a perfect match.

Employers pay a fee for this service to the agency, so you as a candidate don’t have to. The better the quality candidates provided, the more likely they are to rehire the staffing firm. This creates a big win for you.

Employment Solutions Benefits to Job Candidates

Because the employment agency benefits by providing high quality candidates, they are looking for the best of the best, you. This means the recruiters are specifically searching resumes to find candidates on behalf of their clients, who likely don’t have the time to search, contact, qualify and interview.

So, when a staffing agency contacts you, or when you register with one, you move to the front of the list for that agency’s candidate pool. Often, the positions you are introduced to are not publicly published, so you wouldn’t have access to them apart from the employment solutions provider.

If you are placed, even in a temporary position, this allows you to show on your resume two critical things: 1. A smaller gap between employers and 2. Flexibility and increased skills by working in a new environment, equipment, management and co-workers.


Employment solutions are the match maker between quality candidates and top employers. Engaging them is a great idea for employees looking to close the gap between jobs, and Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) does just that. Our employing companies are looking for the best and brightest talent, and trust us to provide them. Contact us today at 303-430-1441, and discover why our clients come to us to fill their staffing needs, and get started in your new career faster.

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