Denver Staffing Agencies: Their Role in Colorado’s Tight Employment Market

Colorado is the second fastest growing state, according to the U.S. Census. This shift in demographics is causing an increase in housing costs, especially in the northern part of the Front Range, and also in residential construction, a 17 percent increase over the previous year. As residents move into or around the state, the demand for jobs has increased and employees are looking for ways to snag jobs over their counterparts.

Colorado employers are seeking candidates with top talent to fill vacancies, while also managing ever changing labor laws. Both employers and job seekers are turning to staffing agencies to help. In Colorado’s tight employment climate, Colorado Network Staffing, a trusted source for employment solutions in Denver, can bridge the gap between employers and job seekers.

“Colorado will continue to rank among the top 10 states nationally for employment growth in 2017, a six-year standing.” (Source: University of Colorado’s Richard Wobbekind)

How a Staffing Agency Helps Jobseekers

In a tight job market, jobseekers need to be able to showcase their marketable skills in order to stand out among other candidates. A staffing agency interviews jobseekers to determine what the individual brings to the market and assists in pairing candidates with their clients, the employers, when it’s a good fit.

A staffing agency has access to more job opportunities than the average jobseekers because they are aware of last minute vacancies as well as unpublished ones. This benefits jobseekers by simplifying the process. While the staffing agency doesn’t work for the jobseekers, they are a resource to pair quality candidates with actively seeking employers.

Colorado employment forecasts show an increase of over 63,000 jobs in 2017 (Source: The Denver Post), and staffing agencies will be supporting the filling of those vacancies.

How a Staffing Agency Helps Employers

Overall, staffing agents have access to a larger pool of candidates than more businesses do, while also limiting the amount of unqualified candidates ton sort through.

They also largely support the employer with handling employment costs associated with onboarding, hiring, and even benefits and taxes. An often overlooked benefit is the staffing agencies role in staying on top of changes in labor law. Two big ones in Colorado recently include changes to overtime pay and changes to minimum wage.

Changes to Overtime Pay. The U.S. Department of Labor made a change effective December 1, 2016, that requires salaried employees be paid for overtime when certain salary minimums aren’t met (Source: United States Department of Labor).

Changes to Minimum Wage. With the passing of Amendment 70 in Colorado, the minimum wage will be incrementally increased over the next four years. Beginning January 2017, the wage will go from $8.26 per hour to $9.30. Increases each January will take the wage to $12 per hour in 2020.

Both these changes mean finding the right candidate is more important than ever. Don’t waste time and money on an expensive bad hire.

Whether you are searching for brilliant employees or a top employer, Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) can help you find your right-fit candidates. CNS is a leader in staffing, staff augmentation, and contract management by acting as a sole human resource provider for our clients. CNS has the experience, resources, and top-level management expertise to help you meet your goals in staffing. Contact us at 303-430-1441,n and we’ll find you the best and brightest team.

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