Complying with Labor and Employment Laws in Colorado

Using a Denver employment agency can benefit you with more than simply finding great talent. We also support business owners by acting as a human resource provider. This includes staying abreast of Colorado labor and employment laws. It can get tricky and costly if errors are made, which is why outsourcing it is a great option for companies that don’t have the time, talent or financial means to manage HR. Here’s a look at the main HR components an employment agency can offer.

Wage and Hour Laws

We make sure all Colorado minimum wage laws are met. With the 2016 Elections, Amendment 70 increased minimum wage to $12 per hour, but the change will be made in incremental steps. We will make the changes every year to stay on top of the adjustment, so you aren’t open to liability.

We also handle final paychecks in accordance with legal timelines and ensure employees have no reasons for wage demands for unpaid time, including overtime pay.

Payroll Deductions and Remittance of Taxes

We handle all payroll deductions and follow all laws pertaining to the placed employee, until you choose to take the individual on as a permanent employee. This is ideal for seasonal or temporary employees to help you reduce your costs in maintaining the additional records and submitting deductions to the appropriate parties.

We remit all needed taxes and keep your unemployment costs down by covering placed employees through our benefit package.

Employment Verification

 All employees have submitted an application and I-9 verification through our employment agency. The applicant has also undergone job skill testing and been given an interview. These steps are taken by the employment agency to better serve you as the client. It allows for faster onboarding, and it creates faster results and better qualified candidates for you.

An employment agency doesn’t simply place staff; they offer so much more. Compliance is a top priority for businesses, and it is yet another way Colorado staffing agencies can support their clients.

If you are in search of employees, let Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) help you find your right fit candidates. CNS is an employment agency specializing in staff augmentation and contract management by acting as a sole human resource provider for our clients. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money on a bad hire. CNS has the experience, resources, and top-level management expertise to accomplish the tasks required on any size project. Contact us at 303-430-1441, and we’ll find you the best and brightest team.

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