Colorado staffing agencies encounter new opportunities

Everywhere we look, we see the headlines:

“Colorado job growth stronger than expected” The Denver Post, 2015

“[Colorado is the] 5th best state for business” Forbes, 2015

“2nd Best city for recession recovery (Denver)” Wallethub, 2015

With Colorado’s blend of new business growth, job creation, and a strong economy, it’s no wonder why job seekers are thirsty for new opportunities here. Colorado staffing agencies are filling with candidates and creating a broader pool by which employers can pull. This is good news for employers and Colorado staffing agencies looking to fill vacancies on their behalf.

Colorado staffing agencies examine their candidate pools

 Who is making up this job-seeker pool? Who are these candidates?

In the next five years, the U.S. workforce is expected to grow by nearly 6percent, reaching over 160 million people. Colorado staffing agencies will begin to see the baby boomer generation exit the workforce and millennials become the largest group to enter it.

With this shift, also comes an increase in employee diversity. Millennials themselves are a very diverse group, and overall are very open to diversity.

“Businesses that embrace diversity also realize significant increases in workforce productivity and job performance.” (Source:

Colorado staffing agencies embrace diversity, unique skill sets

How does diversity benefit the employer?

Diversity allows the employer to reach more people than ever before, as different backgrounds and perspectives merge into the marketplace. An employer’s ability to adapt to diversity will help them grow. Colorado staffing agencies will need to bring in candidates with diverse backgrounds for the unique skills, fresh innovation, and creativity sometimes missed in a group with less variety of experiences.

A larger pool of candidates means Colorado staffing agencies will provide employers with the top talent representing the skills they are searching for in a competitive market. Millennials bring with them a more entrepreneurial spirit than those before them, which gives them the drive to succeed in pay-for-performance based arenas. They also bring experience with technology and the fast-paced movement of today’s economic climate.

The soft skills needed for quality talent

Regardless of the diversity in the workplace, Colorado staffing agencies are looking for certain universal “soft skills” in order to consider candidates to be a good fit for placement. These include:

  • Written and Verbal Communication: The ability to communicate in both the written form and in speaking to others is critical.
  • Listening Skills: Active listening, listening without distraction, and responding appropriately to what is said, is a top skill desired by employers.
  • Interpersonal Skills: The ability to get along with a variety of people will continue to be important, especially as the workforce continues to diversify.
  • Analysis Skills: Being able to assess a problem or scenario and bring it to a resolution shows higher levels of thinking and learning and is important to employers. Problem solving, including creative solutions, is a tremendous asset.
  • Leadership: The ability to manage multiple tasks, adapt to change, prioritize and lead and/or inspire others will continue to benefit all candidates.


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