Can I Test Job Applicants for Coronavirus?

Hiring during coronavirus poses some unique challenges. We are going to address a few questions that may come up as you look at building your team during this time of unique circumstances.

Can an Applicant Refuse to Work in the Office?

Unlike an employee, who may refuse to work under OSHA regulations where they feel they may be in imminent danger (and therefore not be paid), a job applicant who refuses to work, cannot be offered the job. However, if you feel the candidate would be a valuable asset and a reasonable accommodation can be made – such as a work-from-home solution, the position can be offered.

Just like any other policy, you will want to have clear documentation about how you came to your decision to apply any special circumstances to prevent discrimination claims. This is particularly true if the candidate has shared protected information regarding their health- such as an underlying condition that makes them an elevated risk.

Can I Require Interviews to be Online?

Yes. Whether or not we are facing a global pandemic, an employer can conduct virtual interviews. This can mean over the phone or video. If the interview is being recorded, you will want to notify the candidate of that, as well as how you will be using and/or discarding the video afterward.

It is also a best practice to make sure the candidate is comfortable with the technology. Candidates can already be nervous about the interview process and adding a layer of complexity can create stress and impact them negatively.

Can Candidates be Tested for Coronavirus and Quarantined?

Similar to pre-employment drug screening, employers can test applicants for coronavirus if the testing is a uniform practice for all candidates. Applicants who test positive can indeed be delayed in their start date, including a quarantine period. Again, the non discriminatory application of the process must be in place and documented.

Employers have an obligation to protect the safety of their employees, and that allows them to ask that those with COVID symptoms or presumed positive results stay safely quarantined.

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