8 Tips for a Modern Resume

Resumes have evolved to keep up with the pace of our technology and digital world. It only makes sense then to update your resume to bring both the content and format into 2017 standards. Follow these eight tips from Colorado Network Staffing, a leader among Denver employment agencies, to get your resume ready for employers today. 

1. Keep it Simple

The digital age is making it easier to post resumes online, and software systems scan for keywords as well as to auto-populate fields. A simple design can work with these software systems and help staffing agency recruiters find the candidates they are seeking. Update your resume with simple, scan-friendly formatting, and keywords2. 

2. Use Social Media

When you update your resume, be sure to post the information on your LinkedIn profile. It also allows potential employers and staffing agencies to search for specific keywords in order to find passive and active job seekers. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume.

3. Information to Share

In a modern resume, it is important to protect your identity, so it is OK to leave out your full address. Include your city of residence, and indicate you are willing to relocate if that is true. Never include sensitive information such as your social security number, date of birth, or any protected class information such as ethnicity, religious or veteran status.4. 

4. Summarize

The objective statement has become obsolete. Instead, summarize your overall work experience in a way that highlights your tops skills that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. Use bold headings to grab attention fast and go into more detail within the paragraph following the heading.

5. Mirror their Keywords

Watch the words that are used in the job post or job description and mirror them. Connect the dots for the person who is likely quickly to be scanning your resume to see that you match the qualifications. For example, if the company use the term “Payroll Clerk” and you used “Accounting II,” and the descriptions match, change your wording to the company’s term.

6. Build More Than One Resume

Customize your resume to go after different job types, rather than using a one-size-fits-all template. For example, have a different resume for management positions and accounting positions when you have skills that fit both. Make a master resume that lists everything you have done, but then create shorter ones relevant to the specific position for which you are applying. Denver employment agencies may want to know all the skills you have, but an employer likely wants to only know if you can do the job at hand. Having more than one resume will allow you to satisfy many needs.

7. Be Specific

Update your resume to show specific examples of your skills rather than just stating them. For example, if you reduced company-wide spending, state how much you saved the company in actual dollars or a percentage. If you solved a problem, talk about what you did and the results you achieved.

8. Get Digital

Include hyperlinks in your resume and use online services to create a digital resume or portfolio. Consider infographics and images to help demonstrate the achievements you have made. Include videos of your work and other digital communication to set yourself apart. Likewise, be sure what is searchable about you is appropriate for your future employer to see.

A strong, succinct and simple resume will help you find more success as a job seeker. If you are looking for employment opportunities, Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) is one of Colorado’s leading employment agencies supporting our clients by finding them find their next Einstein. Employers look to CNS to provide top quality candidates with the experience, resources and expertise they have come to rely on. Do you want to be one of our best and brightest team members? Contact us at 303-430-1441 to get started.

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