5 Advantages to Using Staffing and Recruiting Firms

Hiring can be a time-consuming task for companies, and yet if you have employees, you understand it is an important part of business. Too few staff can lead to employee burnout, too many can lead to payroll nightmares. Natural attrition, employee termination, and business growth all lead to the need to hire, and there is no way to get around it. Staffing and recruiting firms fill the gap when your business has employment needs.

When staffing needs ebb and flow, staffing and recruiting firms provide vetted, quality candidates quickly. If you haven’t considered it before, here are five advantages to use a staffing and recruiting firm:



Experts in recruiting and hiring, staffing firms are a powerful ally for small businesses. An employment firm helps companies who don’t want or need a full time, year-round hiring director or full HR department. Additionally, staffing companies can specialize in the industries they serve for even greater expertise to best meet your needs.



The costs of hiring- placing ads, screening, interviewing, as well as the labor to do such things- can be high. Staffing and recruiting firms bill for this expense through a clear, manageable fee without negatively impacting production of your staff who must take time from their tasks to work on hiring.


They also cover all unemployment and benefit expenses for the temporary employee. And, if the placed employee isn’t a good long-term fit, the employee can be replaced with very little cost compared to new onboarding/starting over.


Job Pool Access

Recruiters have access to a larger database and network of both active and non-active job seekers, therefore producing better qualified candidates. Staffing firms are constantly searching through resumes to find top candidates to fill positions with the companies they serve, being proactive in filling a position, rather than simply waiting for applications to roll in. This results in better qualified candidates.



Leveraging temporary work for seasonal needs or even special projects can help with budgeting, including eliminating overtime. Short term projects can be put into the hands of a skilled temporary employee so the work gets done in a timely manner without overburdening current staff, which could result in overtime wages.

To meet seasonal or short term demands, staffing agencies can be used to maximize your time and budget while meeting customer needs.

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