4 Myths Job Seekers Have About Working with a Staffing Company

If you think a staffing company is your mother’s temp agency, think again. As a job seeker, there are tremendous perks to aligning with a staffing company to help you find your next employment opportunity. Don’t miss out on the benefits because you’ve dismissed them based on these myths, which we debunk below.


Myth 1: Staffing Companies Only Place Seasonal Employees

Staffing companies differ in the types of positions and industries they serve. This means that while some companies only place seasonal or temporary employees, others offer permanent positions as well as temp-to-hire workers.

Some employers like the idea of using a staffing company to do the front-end work of shifting through resumes and pre-qualifying candidates. From there, they conduct interviews of the top candidates to fill permanent positions. When an employer builds a reputation of providing top talent, they become a resource the employing company turns to again and again for a variety of employment needs – don’t miss out on these opportunities!

Myth 2: A Staffing Agency Cares Only About Employers

When working with a staffing agency, it may seem that they only want to help their candidates and neglect your career goals to make it happen. This isn’t the case. In fact, staffing agencies are rewarded the most when the candidates they place are successful. This means they work to create win-win-win scenarios: the staffing company wins with referrals and repeat business from happy employers; the employers win with a top candidate filling an important employment vacancy; and the candidate is working in a position that matches their skill-set and desired culture.

The staffing agency in essence plays matchmaker between the candidate and the employer to create a mutually beneficial experience. They are there to answer questions, help with interviewing, and provide tips for getting the job.

Myth 3: Job Access Is Limited to Low Level Positions

Again, staffing agencies tend to have specialties in which they hire, which means they are looking for candidates with a variety of pay levels, education, training and skills. Some staffing agencies will hire only within specific industries and run the gamut of front line to upper management.

High level candidates may question their need for a staffing agency, but it’s important to note that because of their deep connections to the businesses they serve, as well as their connections within staffing, employment agencies have more access to jobs- both those posted and those not, than the average job seeker.

Myth 4: Job Seekers Who Use Staffing Companies Earn Less

According to theAmerican Staffing Association 2014 Staffing Employee Survey, employees placed through agencies earn more than permanent employees, and/or make more than they did in their last position because of the agency’s ability to negotiate on their behalf.

In addition, many employees receive health insurance and other benefits from the staffing agency which may not be available to them if they were only working in a direct contract position for the business. This means the job seeker who is placed in a temporary position, or isn’t hired in a permanent position is still able to be covered while they continue to find their next permanent long-term job. And, for those interested in the flexibility of seasonal or short-term work assignments, they have an option to receive benefits through their staffing agency in many cases.

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