3 Ways to Save by Hiring a Staffing Agency

Hiring. It seems when it’s said, it comes with a sigh. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring to replace a troublesome employee, a temp for a high demand time, a new employee due to growth, or because of turn-over, hiring is a time-consuming process that most management don’t enjoy doing. Consider some of the steps, and you can quickly see why many employers use a staffing agency:

  • Determine if the position needs to be filled or reallocated to others
  • Update and/or create a job description
  • Determine rate of pay (it may have changed since the position was filled previously)
  • Determine how candidates will apply (application process online, questionnaire, etc.)
  • Post an ad (job boards, website, social media, internally, etc.)
  • Sort through applications and resumes
  • Call to pre-qualify candidates (are they local, do they have the skills, etc.)
  • Schedule and interview candidates
  • Perform background and reference checks
  • Offer the job
  • Do onboarding paperwork
  • Do new hire orientation and training
  • Observe new hire for skill and cultural fit

Save Time

A staffing agency handle a bulk of the steps in the hiring process, allowing you to be more productive with your time. By creating a job description and placing ads based on your needs, combing through resumes and prequalifying candidates including conducting background and reference checks, staffing firms allow you to interview a few top candidates rather than hundreds.

Save Money

Time is money. Lost productivity as you or other members of management spend time sorting through candidate pools can add up. A staffing agency earns a portion of the placed employee’s salary, meaning there is no out-of-pocket expense unless you have a quality candidate who has filled your vacant position(s).

No more wasted money on ads or tied up time. Do your most productive work and let the staffing agency do theirs.

Save the Headache

When the staffing agency places a candidate, they remain employees of the agency until you decide to directly hire them. This means the unemployment burden stays with them and you are able to terminate employment with the candidate if they don’t meet your expectations. This “try before you buy” model allows you skip the expenses that come with the turn over cycle.


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