2020 Staffing Trends You Need to Know

The new year always brings a sense of change. Personal resolutions are made and businesses have an opportunity to revisit the last year and make adjustments for an even better 2020. Eyes turn towards forecasts and trends to help stay ahead of the curve and innovate, and the world of staffing is no different.

In 2019, the unemployment rate in the US was the lowest it’s been in 50 years – a mere 3.6%. Will 2020 follow this trend, keeping hiring competitive? Here are the staffing trends you need to know for this new decade.

The Gig Economy is Making an Impact

With the rise of freelance work and its ease of entry, nearly 60 million Americans have alternative work scenarios including remote employment or “side hustles”. This means that everyone looking for employment, may not want or need full-time work. Instead, they may be looking for work flexibility that allows them to take a second gig.

Businesses may find themselves short-staffed for full-time positions, thus making them more open to flexible staffing including temporary employees and remote workers. Competition is high, and businesses must be ready to engage with candidates in a new way if they want to snag top talent.

Technology is Playing a Bigger Role

It’s no secret that social proof plays a big role in sales and marketing. Businesses looking for candidates need to also be using social media and digital methods for recruiting and communicating with prospective employees. Using social media for messaging and reaching prospects is proving to be effective and engaging.

Online application processes also continue to grow, allowing candidates to apply online, and employers to better manage and streamline the process. With higher competition for the best and brightest team members, businesses need to have a faster hiring process so they don’t lose candidates to competitors.

Recruiters can use this technology as well, including using it to provide data to further hone in on effective recruiting strategies.

Culture Also Matters

Millennials will be making up the majority of the workforce before the decade is over. These workers value a healthy culture. Company values must be defined and shared in marketing materials and in action. These candidates want an opportunity to learn and grow, make a positive impact on the world, and be given a level of autonomy including being able to express themselves.

Under a highly competitive job market, candidates may have an opportunity to choose the company they want to work for. Offering a meaningful benefits package and having a culture that matches the values of the prospect can make the difference between attracting talent, and losing them.

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