What Kind of Research Should I Complete Prior to My Interview?

If you’ve been a job seeker for any amount of time, you’ve likely been given the tip to research the company prior to being interviewed so you know what they do and can ask relevant questions. For many potential employees, however, this seems awfully vague. How much and what kind of research should be done?

We are happy to answer that for you now, so you can be more prepared and really nail your interview. Start with an internet search, and look for this information:

Do they have a website?

Take notes from what you read on their website – who do they serve? What types of products and services do they offer? How large is their service area? What type of impact are they making?

Look at their mission, vision, and/or value statements. Do you align with them? What questions do you have about it that you may ask?

What social media are they on?

Check out any social media pages they may have. These should be listed on their website, or can be found by entering their name into a search engine. Look at the kind of information they are posting and how often. This can show you how active they are in the community and their level of engagement and connection. This information can tell you a lot about the company culture.

Find the business on LinkedIn and become familiar with some of the names of key management – especially those you may work directly with. This alone can give you an advantage over other candidates who may walk straight past their potential supervisor, unaware.

Are there any reviews of the company?

Company reviews, from current or past employees, or even customers, can be telling. Of course, you want to look at overall feedback and not just the worst review to get a good feel for what others are saying about the company.

Do they come up in the news?

News reports often feature awards, large deals, or possibly even scandal. Take time to read the news about your prospective company and let the interviewer know you ran across an article and found it interesting, if appropriate.

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